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Competition and quality consistency control


The smart jeans company is a firm dealing with quality jeans wear for all genders and sizes. The marketing department has been facing two main problems over the past few months. The problems are competition with similar upcoming products in the market and pressure to maintain high quality consistency of the products. The company performance has been steadily improving over the past year. However, in the past few months sales have gone down significantly due to competition with other upcoming firms producing similar products of low quality at lower prices. The products at smart jeans are of very high quality and at very affordable prices. The productivity treads have been constant over time. This research seeks to show how problems of competition and quality consistency can be solved in the organization during marketing.

Research questions

  1. How is competition in the smart jeans market affecting the company sales and performance?

Who are the competitors of the firm?

Why are they a threat to the company?

What is the way forward?

  1. How will the company maintain the quality of the jeans consistently high over the next one year?

Why maintain quality consistency of the products?

What is the quality difference with the competitors?

How will the quality consistency be managed?


Competition is the contention amongst corporations selling like products with the aim of realizing profit as well as market-share development (Ford & Håkansson 2013). The firm’s main competitors are direct competitors offering similar products aimed at the customer base with the same objective to make profits and market-share development (Piercy 2014). There are also replacement competitors offering products that customers could use instead of our products (Rosenbloom 2012).

Competition is a major challenge facing the firm over the last few months. This because there are a few more companies that have been established dealing with similar products. There are two companies producing the exact same jeans with as smart jeans of a much poor quality and low cost as compared to the smart jeans (Piercy 2014). More companies have also been established dealing with similar products of a different material of similarly good quality at slightly higher price (Rosenbloom 2012).

This competition is proving to be a major threat to the firm since our sales have significantly gone down over the past few months. Most of the customers in the market are enticed by the very low prices of the competitor products. Though producing low quality products, the competitors are taking over the market due to their low prices. The competitors with a completely new material of good quality also have an upper hand in the market due to the introduction of a completely new material in the market regardless of the relatively higher price.

The competition challenge is a unique challenge to the firm creating an opportunity for the marketing team to savvy on the market treads and familiarize themselves with competition in the market and different ways to deal with competition in the future. The firm is set to invest more on better advertising of the products through the media, creating better and personalized relationship with the clients (Piercy 2014). Through personalized relationship with the public, the firm will educate the public on importance of quality of products in the market which makes the firm different from other competing firms. The company is set to look after the existing customers by providing better customer services. This will be made possible by being more responsive to the customers’ needs and expectations. The firm is also set to slightly reduce the prices of different products by offering low-cost extras such as enriched credit terms, loyalty schemes as well as discounts (Rosenbloom 2012).

The firm targets to venture new markets to increase customer base. The online market is the best way to increase the firm’s customer base. The firm is set to expand the offers by providing related products and services such as manufacturing high quality bags, shoes and other products of the same good quality material (Booth 2015). In future, the firm may contemplate diversifying into other areas. To keep up with the high competition in the market the firm must be the best employer. To keep the vibrant, skilled and motivated employees the firm not only must maintain a competitive wage but also keep a good working atmosphere and add on benefits like flexible working as well as structured career growth (Prahalad & Ramaswamy 2013).

Quality consistency

Quality consistency is the ability to bring about harmonization in terms of strategies and operations based on dynamic quality viewpoint and business concepts so as to share a common as well as uniform view of the most important areas. Keeping quality consistency high is proving to be a major challenge in the firm. There is an intense pressure to produce products at a much lower price to compete with the competitors which in turn means producing low quality jeans. The firm is however set to constantly supply on quality as well as service assurance to maintain the already existing customers.

Smart Jeans Company is a manufacture of best quality jeans at affordable prices in the market. Unlike the other upcoming companies producing very low quality jeans at very low prices. Quality is the main difference between smart jeans company and the other companies.

To maintain customer loyalty, consistency in the products we offer as well as how we deliver is the main concern. Confidence in the products in the firm will ensure a consistent experience to the customers every time. Trust in the firm with the customers will be strengthened by doing the right things right at all times (Akdeniz et al 2013). The firm must however develop a product description to help deliver products according to the customers’ requirements which implies that all the promises are assured. The firm is set on service guarantee for all the products offered in order to meet the customers’ expectations to strengthen the trust. Ensuring consistency in the standards, policies and procedures, systems, processes as well as practices help maintain trust amongst the firm’s stakeholders (Munoz 2013). Certification of all the firm’s employees which attest that the employees are the best at their jobs. This certifies that whenever a client uses the products as well as regardless the person who carries out the service, the client will experience similar quality services every time. Decertification of all the employees who do not meet the company’s expectations and the poor performing employees (Tapiero 2012).

Competition and quality consistency are important topics of study that affect most of the companies today. The study shows how different companies can handle the challenges professionally. The study is very significant to all the companies’ external and internal stakeholders. The study benefits the society since it helps to identify competition and quality consistency in products and how to deal with the situation effectively. It also directly affects the organization and enlightens the organization’s leadership on how to handle such professionally when they occur.


In summary, competition and quality consistency and major challenges affecting many organizations today. Competition is contention between corporations dealing with similar products with the main objective of making profits. Smart Jeans Company has both direct and replacement competitors. The firm has used different strategies to deal with competition in the market including; broadening customer base, maintaining quality difference, advertising, maintaining good employee-employer relationship among others (Booth 2015). Quality consistency is the ability bring together in terms of operations based on dynamic viewpoint so as to share a common view of the most important areas. Smart Jeans Company has dealt with maintaining high quality consistency by maintaining customer loyalty and confidence in the products and promises offered to the customers. Certification of the employees attest that employees are best at what they do. Quality consistency thus strengthens trust with the customers (Akdeniz et al 2013).


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