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Research and Hospitality 1

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The hospitality industry, especially the restaurant business encounter high risks due to the level of competition involved. Many such businesses are not so successful because they fail to understand and take care of the problems they come across. In trying to ensure the success of a restaurant one needs to pay attention to detail in addition to facing and combating the conflicting issues that they come across. Once the basic problems are solved then balancing things and developing better strategies should become a priority. My passion for the restaurant business resulted in me taking up a job in a restaurant and I have earned a good name as one of the most enterprising staff. There are fifteen staff working in our restaurant and from experience I could point out that there are a number of issues that are challenging. I felt it was my responsibility to bring some of these issues to the notice of the local council and these are stated below.


Sustainability is a major issue that is faced by the restaurant business and tackling it poses a major challenge. Some of the problems that have to be improved are drainage and garbage disposal. Since the restaurant is very old, the drainage system gets blocked from time to time and the garbage bins have lost their lids thereby becoming a major health hazard.

Sustainability and Business

Some of the staff try to help cleaning the drainage from time to time and getting rid of the garbage, but yet these procedures have to be improved a lot in order for them to be sustainable. These practices are unsuitable because it not only becomes stressful for the staff but also it poses a major health risk to its customers as germs thrive easily if cleanliness is not maintained. Another major risk due to these unsuitable practices are that the staff themselves could easily fall ill and this may result in less staff having to do more work. Another downside to the same problem would be that the staff may become overworked and shoddiness in service would set in and the restaurant is liable to lose some of its regular customers but earning a bad name.


The restaurant business is an ongoing process and therefore there are many problems faced by the management and staff regularly. Presently, the current problems are the poor drainage system and the disposal of garbage. The future problems that we might face is a shortage of staff which is the end result of giving them extra work and maybe salaries would have to be more viable. Another problem that faces the management is spending money on good training for its staff so that they would be in a position to handle extra work with less stress if such situations occurred. Having maintained good relationship with the management, I was brave enough to identify these problems and report the same at a meeting held for the staff. It was unanimously decided that we could approach our local council for help and guidance.

Implement new practices

In compliance with the local council, hygiene and food safety practices have to be strictly kept within the regulatory framework in order to ensure that the customers who visit the restaurant are not at risk where their health is concerned. One of the primary targets I would set is a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, especially for the staff who handle food. My next target would be to ensure that the staff who have the job of supervising food safety and cleanliness are well trained and have the necessary skills needed for handling stressful situations that may occur on the premises. The plan of action would be to see that the right man has the right job. However, the staff who are not associated with a particular job has to receive the necessary training to be able to handle other jobs skillfully if the need arises. In the restaurant business developing one’s interpersonal skills is very important because in the hospitality industry, developing and maintaining good relationships with customers, among staff and the management is very important for the success of the business. Therefore, proper communication and a healthy rapport should always be maintained. The management can communicate to the staff the necessary protocol that they expect them to maintain and those who are not having the right training or skills should be sent for proper training before they are recruited. The management could also implement on- hands training where the new recruits could learn how to handle different jobs from the well experienced staff members.

Monitor and Evaluate

Monitoring and evaluating the new staff is of utmost importance as it helps them to maintain high standards within the restaurant. Every staff should understand that they have a serious responsibility in ensuring that their customers are in safe hands, without the fear of any risk. Supervisors need to have a strict protocol that they should exercise at all times. The management should identify, recognize and reward the staff with exemplary behavior and skills. Keeping in regular touch with the local council would be very useful for getting help from them especially during a crisis. If such a framework is put in place and followed strictly, the desired outcomes could be expected. The restaurant business would thrive and flourish if high standards are maintained and strong relationships are built. If everyone realized their responsibilities, the outcome would be a flourishing business and well satisfied customers, staff and management.


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