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Assignment 1

In their book ‘Misunderstanding the Internet’, Fenton (2012) devote the entire fifth chapter to an evaluation and analysis of the internet and social networking sites. They note the phenomenal growth in social networking sites with a significant percentage of 22% of all the time spent on the internet being spent in social networking sites. Furthermore, Fenton indicate that the internet is indeed transforming how information is gathered and communicated amongst people. Hence, they believe that the social media will soon become the primary source of information. According to Fenton, there has been a misunderstanding of the internet as an independent factor. However, they assert as indicated by several researches that the use and purpose of the internet is typically motivated by the political background, social and cultural activities of individuals. Therefore, according to them such research findings further strengthens the argument of those who view the social media to be more than a means of serving ego-centered needs and practices that are only structured around self. This mainly because the social media users see endless possibility associated with media connectivity that is usually fed by the desire to connect with others in the society.

Curran, J., Fenton, N and Freedman, D. (2012). Misunderstanding the Internet. New York: Routledge.

Research and Data Exercise

Mount Thorley, Heathpool and Howard Springs are some of the suburbs in Australia with quite an affluent population. The two suburbs; Heathpool and Howard Springs constitute a majority of people advanced in age with 45 and 40 years being the median age in the two respective suburbs. However, the median age of the residents of Mount Thorley is relatively lower at 35 years. More than half (51.7%) of adults in Mount Thorley are married, while Heathpool and Howard Springs suburbs constitute 49.0% and 49.1% of married adults respectively, which is relatively closer to the percentage of the married adults in Australia, approximated at 48.7%. Mount Thorley is one of the suburbs in Australia with a significantly high percentage (93.4%) of its adult population born in Australia. However, Heathpool and Howard Springs suburbs also constitute a majority of residents who were born in Australia. Generally, the three suburbs (Mount Thorley, Heathpool and Howard Springs) comprises of quite an affluent population with the majority of the adult population working full time. Furthermore, the median weekly income (personal) in the three suburbs is reasonably high. However, of the three suburbs, Howard Springs comes closest in representing the whole of Australian population.

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