Research and Critical Review Exercise

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Research Critique 4

Research Critique

Research Critique

The selected article entitle, “Qantas versus Virgin: The fight for Australia’s skies,” strongly relates to the business research best practices or ideas/content covered in this course. The article depicts a scenario in which two competitors blame their successes and failures on different factors thus raising a dilemma in determining the truth about their experiences in the Australian Airline market. On one hand, Qantas, the national airline believes that its recent financial performance can be attributed to unfair competition from the privately owned Virgin airlines and as such, its management requires legislative protection from the Australian Airline (Grimson 2014). On the other hand, the management at the Virgin airline believes that Qantas airline enjoys favors and legislative protection that the government should do away with to allow for fair competition.

As such, the scenario presents a practical example of a business problem or dilemma that can be resolved through application of a business research approach or practices. The different arguments raised by the different stakeholders in the Australian airspace presents several factors believed to contribute to the current situation which can be summarized as unfair or unbalance competition. For example Qantas attributed its recently announce half-year loss running into hundreds of millions to rising fuel costs, outdated legislations perceived and hostile unions (Grimson 2014). However, despite the lobbying to the government to come to its financial rescue, there is need for application of business research practices to provide evidence supporting such claims before the government can commit tax payers’ resources towards bailing the national airline. It is important to note that Virgin airline management feels that the national airline’s poor performance cannot be attributed to the stated factors and mismanagement is what is ailing the airline.

Amidst this confusion, the stated factors need to be taken into consideration and taken through a research process to establish their association with the financial situation facing the Airline. Research is needed to determine how the Australian airline legislative framework affects the operations of both the national and the privately owned airlines such as Virgin airlines before amendments can be introduced as recommended by the two stakeholders (Grimson 2014). There is need for substantive research based evidence to allow for amendment of the existing laws in line with the principle of fair competition. In this case, an independent researcher is required to conduct a thorough research to determine the association of the mentioned factors among other factors, and the current situation facing the airline market. The research can also entail an investigation of the effect of current state legislative framework on the current airline dynamics. This could provide a more informative and convincing argument in support of the push to review the legislation to allow for fair competition as well as necessary protection of the national airline as the pride of the people of Australia.

In conclusion, the selected article presents a perfect situation in business where business research practices are needed to provide clear evidence-based guidelines in making business-related decisions. Research emerges as the most pragmatic solution to the situation facing Australian airspace market and its stakeholders.


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