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Give people informative pamphlets, which are genuine on your services or products,

for free. (Sande 2010).You can choose some clients and request them to write some testimonials about your products. Ensure that you get some inspiring feedback to be displayed on the marketing materials later.

Come up with creative fliers which are eye-catching. This is a powerful tool of marketing as it can attract the attention of the people and finally advertise your business. You can make a mobile billboard from your car. You can also place a sign on sides or top of your vehicle. Also if you offer children entertainment services, you may put a huge red nose in front of your vehicle. (Homburg 2009).

You company can also sponsor a local football team. Through this, your company gets to be known to the community. You can have your company’s logo on the team’s shirts as they play in a certain league.You can also offer some of your products as prizes in a local contest. The occasion could be in a High school talent competition or a church music festival. (Laerme 2007).

By offering some discounts to some target attendees of a club or an event.You should also be encouraging them to purchase your products.

Also look for another business that offers complementary products and is not competing with you. Through this, you will be able to create an endless business network. Chat with anybody you meet about your products. Always send newsletters to your clients reminding them that you are still existing. Requesting some of your regular customers to be your advisors.
Throw a special occasion or event for your loyal clients. (Baker 2008).


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