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The Company level strategy

The Company’s level strategy at inception was to be a diversified organization in business so as to capture and maintain a sizeable portion of the market. The main objectives were to expand and diversify their products, as well as their customer base, and the entire globe. It is through their services that one can find almost everything required. In the business level strategy, the corporation battle in the online auction industry employing a wide spectrum of differentiation strategy. Even though, they might not be inexpensive online auction on the internet, they offer a broad spectrum of products. On top of these, they attract a large group of clients comprising of individuals, young entrepreneurs, and big companies across the globe (Coghlan, Pauley and Scott).

The strong differentiation strategy already attained was through the robust eBay society, a global reach that cannot be matched by any competitor, and 27,000 category span. Clients see the worth in utilizing eBay services, and this is the reason why eBay is successful (Bradley)
. The differentiation strategy of the company

The company established one stop experience that is attracting to large companies, individual suppliers, and independent entrepreneur. They have developed worthiness via a number of facets that is alluring to clients and segregate them from the competition (Coghlan, Pauley and Scott)
. The approaches employed in differentiating themselves are via the following: Assortment of items offered
: when a client searches for an item on eBay there are over 27,000 products from which the client searches. This cannot be matched by any other company. The community of eBay
: This is an initiative that makes consumers believe that they are constituent of the group. These give clients the sense to feel that they are part and parcel of the company. This realization was through showing clients that their feedback, views, and feelings are important and thus gaining remarkable ground with clients. The website
: The Company has unique and interesting website. The distinctiveness of the website alienates them from their competitors. It has numerous facets that handle varying needs of clientele. It is simple to operate and entertaining. This enables shopping and trading on the internet appealing. The product name
: The Company was the only auction internet company established. The long lasting image set gives them an advantage that differentiates them apart from the rest in the market. The global reach: The eBay’s global reach cannot be attained by any other company in the globe. The company has penetrated into over one hundred and fifty corporations with very many customers. Therefore, clients feel appealing doing business in the market environment that is expansive.

The differentiation strategy works best for EBay Corporation since users have many different preferences. Therefore, this is dependable in the utilization of the service. The company has devised a method of satisfying their clients with no worry on the magnitude of their clients whether in groups or as individuals. By means of giving broader variety of goods and services, expanding worldwide, and developing a society for all clients to join, the company has created a distinctive value unbeatable by its rivals (Bradley).