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Social media messaging

Communication is a vital aspect of the day today’s life. There are three known types of communication: verbal which involves talking and listening to get the meaning, nonverbal, which is mainly observing to get the sense and lastly written in which you have to read to get the meaning. Social messaging falls under this category, they are instant messaging commonly known as short message services. Social messaging can be tailored to meet set requirements like branding depends on one purpose. They are the vital aspect of marketing which can be used to start and maintain a conversation, keeps your brand present and known in the market (Sherman & Smith, 2013).

Social messaging are most preferred since you no longer have to use computers to access them, with a mobile phone you are set to go. It has changed communication in a great way with many people using them. Companies are tapping this great opportunity to their advantage using them as marketing tools, instead of telling stories, they reach out to clients advertising their products and services in a more friendly approach. For this reason, they have come up with new sites or improved old ones to market their brands. Create a new social messaging site, you have to come up with or identify your goals, then know what to post, this depends on your audience, like in this case the reporter would not have used such strong terms. Select topics that are both friendly to your audience and represent your goals now you can add up content to meet your goals, know what to update and the best time to create a conversation. Now you are set, know what to post at what time and to whom. In communication, you have to convey the message taking in mind the audience and the gravity of the matter.


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