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The CSI effect has taken into the justice system. I concur with your piece of mind. The Jurors are expecting more conclusive evidence, which is the case with the TV shows, but possibly unattainable in the real world scenarios. Comparing the jurors who have watched related crime scenes on TV shows with the one that has not had the same experience, shows a bold difference on their capabilities to either convict or acquit an accused victim with the readily available evidence.

I will support your idea by citing that the TV shows are intentional, and the proposed perpetrators try to leave behind as much evidence as possible. Bear in mind that the investigators and forensic actors always know the exact evidence they are supposed to correct. This is not the case for actual crimes. The officers get the only evidence that was left unintentionally and hence presentation of less intensive evidence collection. Therefore, as you have proposed other avenues of deciding whether a person is guilty or not depending on the presented evidence should be used. Professionals should deduce the effect of the crime TV shows on the Juror’s decision. Your idea is very conclusive.

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You have cited a very inclusive opinion. The CSI TV shows have installed false beliefs on the residents of the United States. The residents have developed a notion that the legal department should take shorter duration on determining the evidence presented, such as fingerprints analysis, which takes two weeks or more for the judicial agents to file a final report. According to the TV shows, the crime happens, the forensic evidence is corrected, data analyzed, and the convict declared guilty or not within an hour. This is outright exaggerating of justice, isn’t it?

As a result of this unrealistic expectations, the court systems have been faced with a challenge of delaying the trials. The CSI shows have overestimated the abilities of the forensic evidence. Finally, as you have stated that the accused had already confessed to the crimes counted on him, but the police asked to review the fingerprints on a water bottle. This was not necessary when the perpetrator had already accepted the crime counts making the Juror’s decision-making simple. The examples cited are very succinct examples of the various CSI effect on the justice system.