Religions of the Ancient World-Egyptian Osiris Essay Example

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Religions of the Ancient World-Egyptian Osiris

Osiris in Ancient Egypt

Osiris was regarded as a very important deity in the ancient Egypt. Followers of this archaic cult in ancient Egypt honored Osiris in mighty way. They even gave several divine attributions to him. He was regarded as the mighty one, strongest of all the nine gods (Wilkinson 2003). The following extract from the hymn supports this claim. “..Mighty when he fells the rebel…” He is also regarded as the fertility god. Ancient Egyptians used to associate their success in agricultural produce to the blessing of their god Osiris. The following phrase from the hymn confirms this deity “…Plants sprout by his wish, earth grows its food for him…” (Wilkinson 2003).

Furthermore, Osiris was referred to as the god of death and judge of the dead. After Seth succeeded in his plan to kill his elder brother, Osiris became the god of death. During funeral ceremonies, the deceased family was often shown before Osiris. Osiris shaped seeds, which were symbols of germination were placed at tombs to signify continuity of life even after death (Thomas 1986). The following phase confirms this claim: “…who dwells distant in the graveyard…” (Wilkinson 2003).

Moreover, Osiris was regarded as a family man. It was believed that his wife was called Isis, and had a son by the name Horus. She was a powerful female god and was disguised as his sister (Thomas 1986). The following phrase confirms the claim the Osiris had a family, “…Mighty Isis who protected her brother….she raised the child in solitude…” (Wilkinson 2003).

More deities were observed which gave more praise to Osiris. He was regarded as the ba, or the soul god. He mythologically gained same position as the god Re, his grandfather (Thomas 1986). This gained him greater titles such as the god of the universe and the king of gods after his fusion with god Re. Osiris was now considered the body while god Re the soul of a great god. The following phrase from the hymn confirms this deity: “…Holy in white-wall, ba of Re, his very body…” (Wilkinson 2003).

According to this deity, Osiris was a god of resurrection and they believed that even after his death, he would resurrect. They used symbols of germinating seeds to signify sustenance and hope of eternal life even after his death (Thomas, 1986). Osiris had a son called Horus who took over his position and throne in the ancient Egyptian deities. The following phrase from the hymn confirms this claim: “…welcome, son of Osiris…son of Isis, heir of Osiris…” (Wilkinson 2003).

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