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Religions of the Ancient World- Egyptian Deities and the Afterlife Essay Example

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Religions of the Ancient world-Egyptian Deities and the Afterlife

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08, 09, 2011

Dear living,

Kindly receive regards as you read this letter from the house of eternity. From the pyramid, you rested me that day you had tears running all over I am comfortably settled and resting. Though I left you the living, I must confess that I had a warm welcome in the land of dead. I am doing well and I have started enjoying the fruits of eternal life and peace. Already power have been bestowed in me and I can do many things without fear unlike in your land of living where authority is owned by few. Your decoration of my mummy was a nice idea and I admired the materials you used to make it but I had to abandon it since I was assured of protection in my new home (O’Donoghue 1999).

I have been enjoying many privileges here and surprisingly I can now fly back to you as well as visiting god of sun. A good friend of mine has been teaching new games and right now, I am playing Tenet a wonderful game. I must appreciate for the food you prepared as a way to see me off although you should have included more of grains and water (Taylor 2001).

Soon, there is a high possibility that I will be joining other families who have resurrected Just the same way the god of the sun unites with Osiris. I will keep you informed of the latest developments in this eternal life. We are all looking forward to god of sun’s decision whether we will unite with ba. I was informed that god of sun have been busy that is why we have not been attended. I will be happy to see him descend in his nature of winged solar disk in his arms holding symbol of life. It will be jubilation and cerebration all over the place after resurrection.

My dear, our gods like Ra, Osiris is immortal, and they never taste death. Consequently, I intend partaking very many endless rebirths. I now know the names of the denizens of the underworld, the paths and locations, waterways and gates and the required words and acts to get across this knowledge. I have gained special knowledge and the magic to go through hurdles by using images and amulets that given to me (Silverman 1991).

As I conclude my short letter, I kindly wish and pray that soon, our god of the sun is going to make you come and join me. I have to go now since eternity is waiting me.

Yours faithfully,


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