Relationship marketing and digital practice

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Marketing: Relationship Marketing and Digital Practice

Relationship Marketing and Digital Practice

Relationship marketing is a marketing strategy that assists a company to retain and create a long-term relationship with a customer. The main objective of relationship management is to build an emotional and strong customer relationship (Kanagal, 2015, p. 4). Relationship marketing is grounded on Customer Experience Management. The CEM has the objective of enhancing customer interaction with the company to promote brand loyalty (Zhang, et al. 2016, p. 54). Through relationship marketing, a company provides customers with the information that directly meet their needs and promoting effective communication. As argued by Isac & Rusu (2016, p. 81) touching the positive human emotions is essential in promoting a happy and long-lasting relationship. Technology has a significant role in relationship management. Digital practice is the use of digital technology to improve the company’s performance, responsiveness, and resilience (Futrel, 2015, p.46). Companies may create digital technology strategies and plans to support CRM through Electronic Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM). Digital platforms assist a company to monitor customer’s activity by enabling then to create user profiles where information is saved for future use. The social customer relationship management tools assist in extending relationship marketing into the social media platforms which allow the company to monitor and react towards customer issues expressed on social media channels. In return, these platforms assist in the maintenance and improvement of brand image (Zhang, 2016, p. 86). Therefore, the use of digital technology supports relationship marketing because it allows the company to track and respond to information, including complaints, from the customer, which ultimately assists in enhancing brand image.


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