Reflective Writing

Employability reflection

I believe that I have developed my employability skills to be considered for employment at EDA engineers. During my studies, I have come to realize that employers not only look academic results but also other employment skills such as teamwork, communications among other skills. Combination of these skills will provides me with a distinct advantage to gain employment and succeed in the workplace. I am learning and developing the following skills to enhance my employability.

First, I have learned that to be considered for employment, I need to communicate effectively. According to Saravanan (2009), communicating effectively composes of the ability to talk or present oneself clearly, effectively and with confidence, practicing active listening and being able to present oneself clearly and confidently to an audience. Over the class work, I have learned to communicate effectively. I have achieved this through oral, written and electronic media. I developed this by talking and contacting other people within other courses. Additionally, I have involved myself in groups where I have developed my communication skill over the semester. At the same time I have participated in discussions and debates where I expressed my opinion in a clear and confident manner. I have further developed my communication skills through course work by expressing myself clearly and using clear language. To achieve this, I learnt on constructing logical arguments and writing experimental and project reports. Further, over the outside the course work, I have perfected my communication skills by starting small talks which later turn out into conversation within the friends and classmates.

Secondly, I have discovered the importance of working as a team. Hughes and Jones (2011) note teamwork as the process of working together in a group of people with the aim of achieving the same goals. Engineering being a discipline that has high value for team work, I am learning and developing the skill. By being part of class work team, I am able to work confidently where I contributed my own ideas effectively. I take a share of the group responsibility, learn and accept constructive criticism and give positive and constructive feedback to my team members. I have further developed team work skill through the semester, by participating in group works. I have participated in creating and presenting practical laboratory project report. Moreover, I developed my teamwork skills by participating and organizing debate seminar within the campus. Lastly, neighborhood environmental club has enabled me to further develop this skill. The club has provided me with a platform to work as team in creating initiatives that advocate for low emission of carbon dioxide. This has allowed me to share my knowledge with other people regarding environmental issues.

Lastly, I am learning and developing problem solving skill to enhance my employability skill. According to Markes (2006), problem solving is not only based on using logic but also on imagination, making sense and also developing intelligent solutions. Class work has enabled me to reason critically in response to task assigned to me during project work. For instance, I am learning to explain the reason I opted for given mechanism over the others. Moreover, the semester, I am developing this skill by doing my course work assignments. I research critically to get a clear picture, available solutions and later make an informed choice. Further, though the coursework, I participate in brainstorming occasion in course assignments. This has enabled me to breaking down challenging tasks into approachable tasks thus creating openness which increases quality ideas. I have further developed problem solving skill outside my coursework while working in family business. I am able to reason with them critically regarding certain issues within the business.

To sum up, I believe that EDA Engineers look for distinctive qualities when selecting employees in their job interviews. As a student, I have developed various skills to enable me stand out in the job market. This includes my course work, self and even industrial practice to be able to compete in the job market. Additionally, I believe that through continuous improvement, I will be able to attain the best skills required in the field. This is especially the soft skills such as communication skills among other interpersonal skills. At the moment, I believe that I have the right skills and continuous improvement will enhance my employability.


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