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6Reflective Work

Reflective Work

Bill O’Reilly news comments that are basically in politics, social and morals issues are detailed based on his beliefs. O’Reilly indicates that his comments generally lean on the right regarding issues being exposed. In comparison to Bill O’Reilly comments, my speech will be totally different. My speech will inform the audience from a neutral stance because I will diversify my speech from a point of view within the present, comparison and contrasting the information. As such, al have distant myself from the interpretation biasness that is based on believes.

Informative and persuasive speeches basically differ on facts and opinions as per the interest of the targeted audience. Informative speech entails facts, statics and general evidence by using videos, audio clips and maps. In the process, the information displayed is posed to be of credible to the audience. The informative speech is basically used in academic environment and sales pitches. As an example, comparing the fast food company leadership position requires case study results that are factual. Contrarily, persuasive speech tends to convince the audience on a certain viewpoint by utilizing the information. As an example, company salespersons use persuasive speech to convince consumers why their company products are of more quality than from other companies. It’s worth noting that persuasive speech can be ethical or non-ethical.

Television programs such as Pretty Little Liars and the Vampire Diaries use symbols as a means of communication. The actions through kissing and hugging among the actors communicate an emotional being. The images proximity being used on the programs alters the emotional feelings of the audiences. Additionally, both programs have a motif that sets the mood and atmosphere for the targeted audience. Contrarily, the two television programs have different visual communication. The Vampire Diaries symbols on character placement tend to threaten the audience while the Pretty Little Liars portrays a romantic feeling towards the audience. As such, it is the foreground of the programs that pose differences based on the program features and characters.

The identified informative speech focuses on the truth about coffee in coffee industry. The speech entails the five components of an informative speech thus, attentions statement, introduction, body, conclusion and the residual message. Generally, the informative speech talks about individual health based on coffee hence it attracts a magnitude of audience because health is an important aspect. Basically, al improves of this informative speech in identifying too many references health articles in video, audios and statistics that showcase the importance of coffee in human health conditions. In that approach, the speech will prove to be much more credible to the audience rather than being persuasive to the listeners hence misleading of the information. The article was viewed from

Toyota automobiles industry growth informative speech. Firstly, my speech will have an attention statement. I will introduce pictures of different historical automobiles development phases so that the audience can easily understand the topic being discussed. Secondly, one of my important points is the introduction of the topic. The introduction will entail stating the topic and specific purpose showcase the credibility regarding the Toyota automobile industry and stating the main points of the company, thus annual revenues and technologically improved equipments.

Thirdly, my informative speech will entail a body section. This section will involve provision of the information, especially for the audience that are not familiar with the topic. As such, I will provide the clear definition of the key terms. Additionally, my arguments regarding the topic will be generalized based on analogy, cause, principle and the case studies.

Fourthly, my Toyota automobile industry growth will have a conclusion section. In this section al reiterate my main points of the topic and provide a synthesis for my arguments. Lastly, I will give a residual message to the audience indicating that Toyota automobile industry has shown an exceptional growth in automotive industry.

In U.S.A politics, I happened to observe a change in politics whereby a black president, Barrack Hussein Obama, became the first black president in U.S.A. President Obama persuasive action was highly crafted in his speech that were equipped with stories, personal anecdotes, solidarity, sense of intimacy and empathy for diversity convinced the Americans to vote for him. The president managed to persuade the audience and the electoral on his convictions “Yes we can”. Obama motivates the audience by uniting the Americans with phrases such as “let’s look for each other”, we rise and fall as a nation”, and the use of the stories to motivate the Americans.

Principle of consensus definitely works across magnitude of people. The principle is influential whereby people tend to purchase products based on its high acceptance by the population (Neshat 2013). As such, it can be deduced that the principle of consensus is the herd mentality that is a powerful force across the humanity. Generally, majority of the population prefer to follow the path of the herd. Personally, having enough information based on the product quality is an added advantage in selecting a product based on consensus.

Personally, the commercial for Crystal Pepsis from Pepsi company does not meet my interests. Since I prefer darker beverages such as Coco-Cola, the Crystal Pepsi fails to outshine the already existing competitive products in the market. The company tend to use the principle of scarcity by producing a unique product into the market though it showcases shortcomings because Coca-Cola company produces an almost similar product. Given an opportunity to improve the Pepsi commercial for Crystal Pepsi, I will adhere to the principle of liking on the physical attractiveness of the product through packaging so as to persuade the consumers and new customers.

Discontinuous is an act of persuading the audience to stop doing something that they have been doing while Deterrence is a call of action that basically persuades the audience to try something new. From the explanation, deterrence proves much challenging in comparison to discontinuous. Convincing the audience to try something new is a challenge because the audience previously had no interest to the product or services. Discontinuous is easier because the audience already knows the benefits and weaknesses of the products and services.

Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, I have attained the degree of interconnectedness with other human being; I have become independent while expressing my individuality. For the past 3 years I have managed to attain self-esteem and self actualization based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy theory. In the future, I expect to attain the aesthetic need to experience beauty.

Persuasion can both be ethical and non ethical. Persuasion speech is perceived to be ethical when the speaker considers honesty and integrity while delivering the arguments. As such, the speech showcases credibility and ease understanding of the complexities. Contrarily, a speech can be unethical if the speaker decides to use false, fabricated and distorted information to the audience. Additionally, Speeches are known to be unethical when speakers tend to pretend the certainty where tentativeness and degrees of the probability would be more accurate. As such, unethical speakers conceal self-interest by deceiving the audience. Generally, speeches can either be ethical or unethical depending on the end goal of the speakers and the audience interest.

Elevator Speech for Mortgage Broker

How many of you are well informed on the current interest rate for a residential home? Actually, the current interest is held at 20%. Basically, your final rates depend on your personal credit cards, car loans and the type of loan you interested. For example, are you a first time home buyer? Are you refinancing at a lower rate? As such, if you call me and ask me for my interest rate, I will help you find answers to your questions. My name is Kevin, and I help people attain the dream of home ownership.

Graduate Elevator Speech

The speech showcases its strength by having an attention statement and an introduction. The graduate pitches that he/she is a recent graduate in holding a degree in communication and managed to work as a reporter and editor of the arts segments. Additionally, the speech has a residual message whereby the graduate call for action is seeking for journalist work. The speech fails to showcase the benefits and a conclusion hence posing its weakness.

Non verbal communication enhances our understanding of that which is not verbal communication. Non verbal communication has the ability to communicate more than we engage verbally (Knaap 2014). It is also worth noting that non-verbal communication by using gestures illustrators, positions the speaker to convey the message effectively and the ability to reinforce the arguments that cannot be attained in verbal communication.

The discussion enhances our understanding that its only non-verbal communication that adds or replaces the verbal communication. As an example, the audience tend to use regulators such as holding up their hands to stop the speaker from talking. Generally, it is perceived that we believe non verbal communication is more than verbal communication (Mohammadi 2014). As such, more confidence is placed on non-verbal communication.

Personally, I spend my time engaging in exercise, checking and responding in my email, male talk with my best male friends, Blogging and engaging in my academic studies ether through lectures or personal studies. I value trustworthiness, integrity, reputation, happiness, courage and making positive differences in life. Basically, the list match because mingling with friends showcases my reputation and trustworthiness, my academic qualifications will determine my level of integrity and happiness while my blogging activities pose to make positive impacts in life for my readers. As such, I presume that am spending on what is truly important in to me.

Time is an incredible important factor in communication in the information age. Currently, individuals are able to get medical information from hospitals at a faster rate. Currently, human beings are able to make quicker communications and decisions than the informal approach approaches in communications such as letter writing and mail delivery.

Speed has become a necessity based on time. Through technological advancement peoples expectation and response is basically at a faster rate. As an example, think of the news cycle aspect. Before the information age, 24 hours news in politics would take 4 days to a week to spread in a State because everything was a print media (Media Credibility and Crisis Reporting 2016). Currently, 24 hours news spread within 24hours and after the 24 hours something new comes up.

From the readings, am able to understand that through nonverbal communication, individuals make judgements and prediction based on how something presents itself. If it is a speaker, the audience are able to make assumptions about the speaker based on how well the speaker dressed based on the environment and the context of the forum. Additionally, in a business setting, individual’s skills are contemplated based on the appearance. Generally, nonverbal assumptions are based on individual appearance that defines the level of person’s credibility.

The agenda of the meeting is to discuss the Fords automobile company quarterly sales report and the results from the latest marketing campaign on 3rd, October, 2016 at 8. 00 am. The meeting will be held at the Fords Conference hall.

Fords Automobile Company Quarterly Sales Report & Latest Marketing Ads

50 participants from the company ranging from the CEO to subordinates staffs have already respondent to be in place for the agenda discussions.

The purpose is to identify new approaches in improving the company sales records through advertisements.

The meeting will be officially opened by the Sales manager from the Fords Company

Notes from the last minutes to be re-read.

Reflecting on the last business meeting on unresolved issues.

The discussions of the current agenda

Retrieval of the reports from the previous meeting by the sales committee as per the quarterly sales and the impact of the ads. The committee needs to inform the participants if the company sales are on the rise or decline. What are the main reasons for the outcome? The participants to decide the way forward after the sales committee presentations

Adjournment of the meeting at 2.00 pm. The next meeting will be communicated on the company website

For the purpose of improving the company growth, I will take advantage of the local media. I will always be ready to hold interview with local media by promoting our business. As such, based on the interview questions, I will respond with emotional cues and project the image of credibility and integrity for the questions. Additionally, I will respond question and answer patterns and limit clear and concise that might affect the audience preferences for the information. Generally, press interview is an opportunity whereby I can provide insightful information to the public for the company, hence al take a full advantage of the interview.

People failure to fully understand the crisis situation errors are likely arose in posing judgements that can damage the crisis situation. In the process, valuable information is likely to be ignored or get lost as to what led to the crisis situation. Additionally, unofficial information is likely to arise hence make the tragedy personal and attract unwanted attention from the public. As such, failure of information on what to do in a crisis situation, the information conveyed might mislead the public and genuine information might be withheld especially if the company crisis has affected the public. In the process, the crisis damage spin is prolonged due to unnecessary facts that are against the reasons for the crisis.

Business self-disclosure wins the trust of consumers (Cognizanti 2016). The company self-disclosure based on its ingredients used in its products, the functionality of the products and to why products are prized differently tends to win the trust of the consumers. Having self-disclosure to win the trust of consumers, business entities expect that the consumers will reciprocate back and be loyal to the company (Khoury 2014). Additionally, self-disclosure reciprocal spearheads a good relationship between company managers and employees hence creating a working environment for both parties. It is through reciprocal that creates the principle of intimate whereby both working parties in organizations respect each other either in working environment or in social life (Zaph 2016).

An interview engages both the interviewer and interviewee in a two-way exchange through conversation. The interviewer conducts the interview to determine if the interviewee can do the job, if the candidate can easily fit in, and if the candidate is well suited for the job. In other hand, the interviewee wants to determine if that job aligns with the gained skills, the capability of doing the assigned job and the opportunities of the new interviewed job.

Self-detracting and Face-saving works best for solving organization conflict. Face-detracting produces a defensive communication environment and allows little room for collaboration in conflict management. The Face-saving approach on the other hand offers room for conversation for constructive discussion and conflict management in organizations. Additionally, the face-saving approach inhibits the possibilities of individuals having issues in organization because it eradicates power struggles and personalities by provision of the employee’s space to save safe hence conflict management. As such, it can be deduced that if organization goal is focused in conflict management, face-saving approach is the best technique to be considered while addressing the organization negative outcomes (Billikopf 2014).

Personally, I will rely primarily in William Ouchie’s theory Z. The theory combines the both the elements of theory X and Y. It is through theory Z am able to administer job rotation purposefully to develop the employees skills across each departments within the organization. In this respect, the employees are able to curb shortcomings in the organization especially if one of the co-workers is sick and out of work, retrenchment and deceased. This technique spearheads the organization to continue working effectively and efficiently.

Applying theory Z equips employees with the sense of belonging and reinforcement (IAOI 2014). As such, am able to trust my employees work level commitment through high excellence and strong management. Generally, theory Z will spearhead the employee’s loyalty to the company and skills development through job rotation (Aydin 2013).

Overseas assignment will pose difficulties in me especially in learning new language, culture and norms of the new environment, something that have never been conversant with in my previous life experience. As such, al be expected to conduct an in depth comparison and contrast, and my previous experiences in order to adjust to the new environment. The easiest part of the overseas assignment is being in a position to expatriate and learn the cultures of the newer environment through trainings for a fair working environment.

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