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Reflective summary on my final social work placement in child safety Essay Example

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9 November 2015

Social work placement in child safety

Essentially, social work can make a person become more understanding regarding the act of the children and respect the needs of a person by exercising the sensitive cultural practices. With this in mind, conducting an assignment concerning social work either at a station or the field can be viewed as an opportunity for a person to broadens his/her learning skills and knowledge.

First, in the social work placement, I learned more about the children act. In this context, I gained the knowledge regarding the child act through reading the cases and writing notes of the child protection law (1999). Additionally, as the whole attachment was carried out in the field and a station, I learned the way an individual can create a rapport with the families involved and with the society (Rapp, 1998). Understanding of the families client and the society was gained verbally and in a non-verbally way. Also, in the final week of my placement, I learned the way the practice panel work in enhancing child safety as at appoint I was a member of the panel. To a better understanding, my assignment at the social work made me develop my skills and knowledge regarding the subject of children protection.

From a personal perspective, working at Queensland made me understand that the child safety assignment is vital to an individual because one develops hi/her knowledge and skills in understanding the child protection act. As such, with the skills and knowledge one can use them to build, evaluate and change the management of the child safety in coming years. More so, the assignment made me becomes familiar with the different clauses that describe child protection.

Besides, the social work placement enabled me to build an understanding of the society. Usually, the society may at a time be resistance to corporate, however, understanding the body language of the people in the society is a major way that one can use to build the understanding of the people in the society. Body language such as the way a person talk, walk, and facial expression can tell one so much even without sharing any information. Such experience will be useful to me in future when undertaking the social work tasks in future.

To add to my experience regarding the topic of child protection, I learned that there are widespread of intergenerational abuse within the social work department (Verona & Ericsson, 2005). Regarding the intergenerational abuse, I learned that it is as a result of domestic abuse and violence that existed from one generation to the next. Consequentially, this situation, make the children’s become stressed, and it also affect the child’s brain as the stressful situation damages the children’s brain. Also, in the placement I learned that different social factors contribute to this situation of domestic abuse. The factors include children neglect and children harming. Scannapieco, & Connell (2005) believe that the involvement of the government officials is necessary so as to minimize the increased rate of child abuse in the society. It is understood that for Queensland situation, the Australian government should work together with the public and private sector so as to effectively prevent the case of child abuse and as well as violence.

Moreover, the attachment made me gain the trauma experience as in some cases I was involved in training the children about trauma. The whole process can be interesting as one can gain the experience of interacting with the client specifically, the parents and the child. The trauma training program was important to both the parent and the children especially the infant as they are not able to control the distress situations (Chrousos, & Gold, 1992). On the other hand, the assignment of the social work made me gain the experience regarding the important of parents securing the attachment with the care providers. Al-Yaman, & Higgins, (2011) states that securing attachment relationship with the care workers is crucial because it help in developing a positive working environment for the care providers and the parties involved.


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