Reflective summary on Human Resource 1 Essay Example

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Reflective Summary

United Arab Emirate is known for its prosperity in businesses; this is because the citizens of this nation are self-motivated when it comes to striving to achieve their business goals. However, there has been a slowdown in the level of the economy associated with the summer times. These are the moths of June, July, August, and September. The main reason for low productivity and slow rate of economic development during this time resonates around festivities that accompany the summer period. Ramadan is one of the important festival and the fact that the nation is populated with an almost three-quarter of people from the Islamic religion.

According to Chris, Et. al. (2011) slow rate of productivity is directly linked to the ability of employees to be available for work and put their full efforts to work; this is not the case for the summer times in UAE. You find that most employees go for their annual leave and therefore leaving most of the companies with few people; upon which the result will be low productivity.

As a human resource manager, my company is among those affected by the summer period. Perhaps having an insight on the company will help in understanding how summer has contributed to the results of the company. The company operates as a manufacturer and distributor of air conditioning equipment. The name of the company is ‘Comfort air conditioners Company’; it deals with all varieties of air conditioning equipment, and it supplies to all parts of UAE. The company has seen its challenges during various seasons, and it is obvious that during summertime is the peak season for the business. The below analysis on the company is a step in developing strategies to curb low productivity during summer.

SWOT analysis of the company



The most affordable air conditioning equipment

Slow integration of technology

Supplies across UAE

High number of staff that go on leave during summer

Well trained and motivated staff

High demand for the equipment


Demand for equipment globally

Competition from other air conditioner manufacturing companies

Use of technology in marketing

Recruitment of more employees

I am of the opinion that SWOT analysis has contributed to the performance of the company. This is supported by the fact that my company has been able to overcome challenges associated with staff management as a result of the focus on the analysis.

Challenges encountered by the company during summer

For the past years, it has been reported that there are challenges associated with summer time in UAE. The fact that the company deals with manufacturing and supply of air conditioning equipment is a great opportunity for the company to make profits. However, there are challenges expected; one of them being the impact of productivity as a result of low turn up by employees. This is where employees go for their annual leave. In my view, this is a challenge to the company because employees are expected to maximize this period of high demand so that the company can make more sales.

Another challenge as foreseen is that of staff management; it is obvious that staff is entitled to leave.This is where they can have time outside work to give attention to their family needs and spend time recharging. As a human resource, it is a challenge when almost three-quarter of our employees go for leave at the same period. This will require proper strategies to ensure that operations of the company are not affected. It is, therefore, challenging to work with few staff (Sims, 2007).

How the challenges affect employees/human resource practices

Challenges have an impact in many ways upon which the bottom line is the effect on productivity. As a human resource of the company, it is my duty to ensure that challenges pertaining employees should be handled critically because employees form an integral part of the company. During summer, most employees apply for leave; I have been under pressure on how to handle this challenge because it is the time where the company should maximize its profits. Since employees are entitled to leave, it is my mandate to ensure they get permission to recharge so that they can come back, full of energy and ready for work. However, most employees suffer from withdrawal whereby they are used to working, and therefore they would experience a challenge in managing their free time (Condrey,2010).

It is also challenging for the company to approve leave for most of its staff during this season, this is because the company will be left with few staff to manage production and distribution. Take a look at the top management whereby almost all the senior managers go for leave; this will leave junior staff under management upon which production will be low. Their conflicts could arise among staff on who should be left in charge of the operations, and this is also challenging.

Strategies that will be used to manage business challenge during summer

Taking into consideration external and internal environment of the company; Dowling, (2008) asserts the importance of developing strategies that would impact more on productivity and exercise the rights of the employees. In the effort to curb challenges that are associated with summer, I have consulted with the human resource department, and there are strategies that could be of use to minimize further impact on summer challenges. One of the strategies is hiring casual laborers; in this case, the company needs employees who can run the business while others are on leave. Casual laborers work for minimal pay. It is, therefore, important to hire them for such a situation to prevent massive loss.

Another strategy is to focus on increasing production during the off-peak season so as to prevent the challenge of low production during peak season. In my view when the company is under peak season, the demand is high, and our employees are absent this could lead to a low rate of manufacturing and supply. It is, therefore, important to maximize manufacturing and distribution during off-peak so as to ensure that customers would get full supply during peak season.


The ‘comfort air conditioner company’ is a company that focuses on meeting demands of customers and ensuring an adequate supply of equipment across UAE. Having been under pressure to ensure the stability of business during summer, it is my view that companies should extend their recruitment to non-Muslims so as to balance the rate at which Muslim staffs are expected to attend Ramadan festivals.


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