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The lecture on managing conflict was very useful and helped to understand the different aspect of management which needs to be looked into and the manner situations need to be dealt with. This lecture helped me ponder on a situation which I had encountered before and the manner I handled it. I was caught in a situation where while working in the group my friend was hesitant that his view point was correct and the best of all. The other members resisted but since my other friend had a dominating nature he was dominating them and the final result was poor decision making as the group didn’t work together to solve the issues.

During the lecture on conflict management I realized the fact that the situation could have been handled better and resolving the conflict through dialogue would have provided the best result. I also realized during the course of the lecture that if we had used different skills by collaborating or compromising better decisions would have been arrived. This lecture helped me learn the fact that at times it is important to understand the viewpoints and discuss matter so that fruitful decisions are arrived at.

The lecture was very helpful and threw important insights into negotiations. It helped to understand the fact that negotiation helps to even resolve difficult conflicts and ensuring a process where decisions are arrived through dialogue results in best alternatives. This lecture on negotiation and conflicts has helped me to broaden my horizon and if I encounter similar problems that I had encountered in my group I will be able to arrive at better decisions. The overall learning has been phenomenon and has helped me to understand different aspect of management which needs to be used so that better decisions are arrived at and helps in the development of team.