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Employees Empowerment: Delegation

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06/08/ 2011


A past learning situation that triggered my reflection is delegation of power by managers to the employees or what can be referred as empowering employees. At one particular time when the issue was been presented in the management class I thought and felt that delegation is essential for the growth of the organization as well as a way of personal development. On the other hand, it got me thinking, how much of their responsibilities should managers give to the employees?

Critical Explanation or Analysis

The event of empowering employees occurred to me when it was been presented in class. Delegation of power requires managers to give out some of their managerial responsibilities to junior staff members. I see delegation as a learning situation since it provides employees with an opportunity to develop leadership skills which is one aspect of personal development. Whereas, managers can learn new skills from the employee they have delegated responsibilities to or improve on certain areas of their management. Currently, with majority of people having substantial focus on personal development, I find empowering employees as critical for improved organizational performance (Dubrin 2011).


In relation to my future management practice, delegation will serve as an important aspect. In the past, when delegation was presented to me, I felt that there is nothing for managers to worry about in delegation. However, in the future, as a manager I should control the inhibitors to delegation such poor attitude towards employees, the feeling of personal insecurity, need to be on control and other general reasons not to empower employees. In addition, I learned that, when delegating I have to provide employee with information, delegate responsibilities not tasks and give them employees a chance to make decisions. All in all, when I delegate responsibilities I have to critically observe what employees are doing so as to prevent failure since after all I will be held accountable.


Dubrin, AJ 2011, Essentials of Management, 9th Edition, Cengage Learning, United Kingdom.