Reflective Journals Part B

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5Reflective Journal

Informative and Persuasive Reflective Journals


An informative show should present facts as they are without letting opinion takes centre stage. I have watched Rachel Maddow’s show on MBCI I(MSNBC, 2016).She was discussing the recent political events in the United States of America. The host begins her show with a very professional approach, stating the current political developments. She moves her presentation in a well organized and fair manner; equally, compare Democrat political events against the Republican. She seconds the politician’s arguments by interpreting the content of the speeches to help the viewers comprehend what is talked by the politicians. Up to this stage, the presenter has stood by the codes of informative guidelines.

At the middle of the show, the hosts lose it all; her improper engagement doesn’t sit best within me. Any observer or audience can note that the author is biased against the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. She lets her opinions take centre stage of discussion by deliberately indirectly endorsing the Democrat party and candidate. The commentator expresses a high level of ignorance by failing to understand her audience; she is assuming that everyone is pro-Clinton. She is judgmental and unrespectful to the Republican leader.She fails to live on the tenets guiding informative presentation.

One may argue that she is applying the informative and persuasive approaches synonymously to advance her presentation. Personally, I hold a contrary viewpoint with the author. I firmly hold that an informative speech or presentation should be guided more by facts instead of personal opinions. My informative speech would be more of presented facts rather than my biased interests.


There is a significant difference between informative and persuasive presentations. An informative presentation seeks to give a proven set of knowledge and is much factual(Government & Law, 2016). An example of this would be a performance of the business’ sales returns for the last six years. Persuasive presentations aim to convince an individual to follow what the presenter think is right. A case example is the sales personnel promoting a given brand.

The majority of persuasive presentations comes up with the biggest problems and are first to offer the solution. People want a solution so that they can take an action. People prefer getting a solution rather than sitting on information without doing anything. Informative presentation creates knowledge based on a particular product but doesn’t inhibit series of actions. They are probably the most prepared speeches, with an objective of generating knowledge and facts to the attendants. The information can is in the form of points or any other types of evidence. These presentations do not excite the audience because of the formal language, some of the informational presentation include the academic school lecturers.

In the persuasive presentation, you need to bring out the advantages of the solution; this highlights all accrued benefits resulting from the suggested solution. You need to let the audience know what is in the store for them when they buy, approve or contribute to the development of your product. For example, you can present a soap product that heals acne at a discounted price. The informative presentation talks about the importance too but does not dwell on the other mentioned benefits in the store.

People can’t make purchasing decisions unless they feel good about the product. The feeling is traced back to the personal emotions. The persuasive presenters will need to play with consumer’s emotions to make sales. The informative presentation does not easily tap into peoples’ emotions because it is more interested in giving facts in an official way.

The audience must trust the presenter before following the presenters’ information. In both presentations, the presenter must look for acceptable ways of winning the audience’s trust(Government & Law, 2016). Proper use of testimonials, citing of credible sources in the speech, the presenter’s previous achievements, will contribute in building the audience’s trust. The informative presentation does not dwell much on these details because the nature of the content is drafted academically with reliable references. However, for persuasive presentation, there is a need to inspire their followers. The following journals will help to bring out the differences between the persuasive and informative presentations.

Persuasive Reflective Journal

In my speech, I tried to persuade my audience about the importance of online marketing I spoke about how many people today has access to social media. I talked about many people being addicted knowingly or unknowingly on social media. As a matter of concern, I also spoke of the new generation and the robust involvement in online activities. I came to realize that Generation Z spends a lot of time online and if monitored, the generation may be the game changer in the social marketing. I wanted to convey my message to the audience and let them know that you can still reach your target market by using the less expensive online marketing.

I had a simple time preparing for the speech and waited eagerly for my turn to present. When the time arrived, I took a moment and composed myself before moving to the podium. My audience were mixed people with different diversity, and I was keen on my wording so as not to offend some of the audiences. The time I connected with them was when giving the researched figures of how mixed social media use spreads among the different generations. The data indicated that 90% percent of American youths use social media. The older individuals of above 65 years old were the least users of the internet(Boehmer, 2015). I told them that if the numbers of the youth are effectively utilized, social marketing will be able to have a long-lasting positive impact.

I felt very comfortable speaking to the audience made up of people from different parts of the world. After the presentation, my confidence in public speaking grew. Having to sit down and research on this display, exposed me to some challenges that I have come to realize their impact on my personal development. I learned that a public speaker should be prepared in advance so as to limit last-minute rush. I was able to get to handle challenges and turn them into opportunities. I feel that my presentation was above average especially the opening and closing parts. I grabbed the attention of the audience and introduced each and every concept to their fully understanding. My misdeed was reading off the paper. I had done sufficient preparation, and there was no need of carrying the paper. But my soul is at peace that I was able to give a strong persuasive speech that left the audience yearning for more

Informative Reflective Journal

Cadrix, the chief executive officer of XYZ Publishing House, bought me a mug of tea and asked me to sit down for dinner. She told me that the XYZ was interested in closing with our company a mega deal as long as we made our weekly magazine appeal to wider European Countries. I was required to lead my team of 28 individuals to come up with the best cover designs. Being production manager, I was able to martial up my team through brainstorming; we came up with a new magazine appearance within three days.

I was the production manager and i had to lead a team of 32 staff personnel to link Cadrix’s company vision. Work hand in hand with the designing department, various photographers, and marketing and production staff. Three weeks down the line, we had developed a fresh magazine with unique appearance.

I sat with four executive producers in our company for many hours trying to develop the best strategies. We were trying to approximate the cost of production and any other unforeseen expenses. We invited Cadrix to update her, our plans of which she accepted without hesitation and assured us that their company was more than ready to do business with us by next week. Though our team was happy to take the offer, my worries were that we may not be able to deliver in agreed time. I was keen to trade carefully because I was trying to avoid financial challenges that may arise in the future

The following day, we began working on the production of the final issue. I engaged nine individuals from the marketing department to develop magazine brands. We started work the following Wednesday after the production of the last issue. I joined forces with seven-member marketing team to develop a new product for our publication that will resonate well with the Cadrx’s company

Once the issue was realized, we saw a tremendous increase in our sales up to 47% in the two weeks. From my experience, I have come to accept that good leadership is the key to prosperity. Insights if correctly channelled can help to bring development. This leadership prospects I started noticing my leadership qualities that I had not realized before. My wish is to strengthen my abilities and be the best I can be.


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