Reflective journal — structure design Essay Example

Reflection journal


The design of a bridge requires a lot of engineering details in order to ensure that all the requirements are met (Ghosn, 12). During the design process, a team is usually involved in the design in order toensure that all the aspects are considered. The paper is thus a reflective journal about the activities that the team has been engaged in in order to facilitate the design of the bridge.


The process of putting in place t correctteam is important during the design and it forms the first step. The team was created after a long period of consultations. The first activity that the team involved in was holding the first meeting in order to familiarize with one another. During the first meeting, the project manager was selected by the members. The bridge design and construction process requires the presence of a project manager who is responsible for coordinating the activities of the team. In order to obtain a clear picture of the activities that needs to be carried out during the design, a site visit was undertaken by the team.

The site visits are vital during the design process as it offers the members with an opportunity of understanding the terrain as well as the existing structures and conditions of the site (Ghosn, 14). The nature of facilities or barriers at the site has a direct influence of the design process. Brief notes were taken during the site visit in order to assist the members during the actual design process. A lot of emphasis was placed on the existing structures as well as the potential barriers tat may affect the design of the bridge.

The process of design a bridge is complex and it requires more information even after the site visit. After holding several meeting to discuss the finding after the site visit, the members visited the library in order to obtain more information. The information that was obtained by the members at the libraries mainly involved the technical designs that influence the design process. The problems that the team noted involved the complexcalculations that are required during the bridge. The complex calculations require a lot of accuracy in order for the design to be sound (Ghosn, 15). Detailed information is also required during the design in order to come up with the right specifications. To solve the technical challenges that are associated with the design, the team consulted experts. It is common during the design of the bridge for the experts to be involved in every step.

The team also resorted to the use of AUTO-CAD in order to ensure that all the technical issues are dealt with effectively.The most interesting aspect of the project was the discussion and the ideas that team members were able to generate. The lesson learn heighted the importance of teamwork during the design process. Each team member plays an important role based on the information that they provide. The technical challenges can be solved easily through teamwork. As a future professional engineer, the lesson gained is the importance of teamwork and site visits. Before undertaking any project, it is important to ensure that a site visit is carried out.


In conclusion, it is evident that the preparations made by the team are adequate. The success of the project is mainly dependent on the teamwork and use of technology.


Ghosn, Michel, et al. Bridge system safety and redundancy. No. Project 12-86. 2014.