Reflective journal — service feasibility study Essay Example

Reflective Journal- Service Feasibility Study

When conducting the service feasibility study, I had to meet with various people with whom we had discussions that were helpful in my work. This included engineers who gave their insight on technical matters such as measurements and how the traffic problem in Henley Beach Road can be solved. They gave recommendations on how the sewer pipes can be relocated is a bridge or an underground tunnel were to be constructed to ease the traffic flow. We had several site visits with the engineers and surveyors where we identified possible locations of the bridge or the underground tunnel. Architects were also involved in giving their technical advice on the construction of the bridge. I also had a meeting with electricians who gave their views on the relocation of electric cables. Several librarians also helped me in getting the relevant books for this project. There were many books and journals to choose from and the librarians therefore guided me in getting the best resources that would be useful for this project.

During the project, I encountered various challenges such as spending many hours researching in the library where locating the relevant resources was not easy even with the assistance of the librarians. Many hours of research caused exhaustion and this sometimes lowered my concentration. Another challenge was time. In order to meet the project deadline, I had to work until late in some days. In this regard, I had to sacrifice my personal leisure activities. As we visited the site, there was traffic in some days and this caused delays in site assessment. Meeting professionals such as engineers, architects, surveyors, electricians, and county administrators was also a challenge since they also had their other duties to fulfil. In addition, they were doing this for free since I convinced them this is an educational project. Sometimes they failed to show up for meetings since they had other commitments. I therefore had to adjust my schedule to accommodate them.

In this feasibility study, I have learnt various things both in technical and non-technical arena. To start with, I learnt the importance of keeping deadlines by sticking to my schedule even when it meant sacrificing my personal activities. Now, I also have a better understanding of the value of interpersonal skills. Having such skills was instrumental in the interaction I had with other professionals who provided me with some information in this project. I really enjoyed my collaboration with such professionals and valued their input a lot. To be successful in this project, I had to be patient and flexible. For instance, meetings did not always take place as scheduled and sometimes I had to change my opinions and perceptions based on the advice I received from the experts in various fields.

Sometimes, we had disagreements on various issues concerning the project and this taught me on the significance of remaining objective and to welcome other people’s opinions (Munsaka 54). When there were challenges, I learnt the need to relax and find ways of solving problems instead of giving up. Through this project, I understand the importance of involving various stakeholders and experts in conducting a feasibility study. Moreover, I also feel that I gained skills in time management which will be helpful in my future career as a professional engineer. Organisational skills that I gained from this project are also significant in my career where I will be required to implement similar projects.

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