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and individuals may not be able to communicate effectively (West et al., 169).occur, also impacts communication. People can have cherished conversation if they are close to one another, however, when individuals are far apart, mistrust may individuals distance between physical individual uncomfortable. Thirdly, the make an furniture and poor lighting can uncomfortable, Also with small space for communication or where numerous people are close hinder communication. Places for communication. place is a cue have to bellow to be heard by the respondent. Another environmental an individual may barrier to communication. Noise hinders effective communication between individuals. Additionally, noise may also alter physical cues since main The first cue is noise. Noise is the

to have psychological closure (CBN Europe, 1).audience summarizes the whole article with a quote and enables the article history of her predecessor David Cameron. The article concludes with a sense of closure. The brief elected to be the Prime Minister. It also offers a be the reason why Theresa may describes and supported. The article are adequately presented in the article The most important points been selected to be the British Prime Minister. The article introduces the message by providing the overview of the information and later describes the message more clearly. has informing the reader that Theresa May The headline acts as a good attention assertion, structure of messages described in the readings. five-part The News article by CBN EUROPE portrays a

to another (Lunenburg 1).point of paragraphs from point to point, the reader can effectively follow the article and realize when the author move from one flow constant follow some logical manner and rely on each other creating a sense of flow. If there is a ideas ideas and points. They indicate that of Signposts used in the article help the reader to know the movement 1)…., to begin…, following this…., for example…., and many other signposts (Lunenburg article by the author include: in this used of its readers some of the signpost attention. The article by Lunenburg uses signpost to attract the closely when delivering information. It makes the audience follow the discussion more imperative is

Intended audience affects the mode of communication. From the reading, there are three types of communication; they
include casual, colloquial and formal communication. For instance, in a business organization, the manager may use casual and formal communication to communicate with all stakeholders when fire risk occurs. The manager will use casual communication including text messages and emails to the company employees informing them of the incident. However, for investors or shareholders, the manager will have to have formal communication. The manager will write formal letters informing them of the fire incident and explaining the level of loss. Investors and shareholders need clear and elaborate information about the welfare of the organization.

Sales letter for different cultures

Sales letter for introducing new product

12th august 2016

XYZ Company

Dear XYZ,

Have you been in need of a solution to incorporate into your business and improve your operations? If so, then ABC Company offers new Griffin MultiDock for your company. The appliance is modern and is of high quality. Additionally, Griffin MultiDock is capable of charging, storing and syncing Ios tablets without removing it from its case. The appliance is slightly larger than a laptop. It is capable of providing solutions to several challenges faced by your organization.

A speaker can prepare a speech for their audience by first knowing their audiences. Audiences have different expectations and experiences. Additionally, they are of different class, ethnicity, race, language and cultural background. It is appropriate for the speaker to know the audience. What are their expectations, their background and how they plan to use the information they obtain from the speaker? Through this, the speaker can attract maximum attention of their audience and communicate more effectively with their audiences.

A rhetorical situation is undoubtedly a significant aspect of effective communication. Understanding and being able to scrutinize rhetorical situation can create an intense and focused audience. By understanding the audience, the speaker can gauge the best ways to reach the listeners and pass their points across. Moreover, without an audience to respond or listen to speech, then it is not a speech. The audience gives the speakers the time and space to fulfill their roles and hopefully the expectations of the audience. Consequently, a leader is made by a group and a speaker is made by the audience. By understating the audience, the speaker shifts their attention from an internal focus to an external focus emphasis; this is key for one to be an effective speaker.

Organizing a presentation involves ethics. The reading offers nine cognate strategies for presenting a speech. The tone is an important aspect of the speech. Individuals contribute to the tone of their speech. Tone
contributes to the general presentation. Again, it is important to emphasize on the main points to deliver accurate and real information. The speaker needs to create a sound relationship with the audience and have a clear understanding of the audience. The information should have a sense of clarity and not ambiguous, concise and direct to the point. In addition, the message should be well arranged and have a sense of credibility. Consequently, the message should meet the expectations of the audience and has references.

The speech by Helen Clerk entails five elements of speech. In the introduction, Helen introduces what she wants to talk about which is environmental sustainability and how it can be achieved; she creates a common ground for the audience. She then develops her body by providing her points in more direct and clear manner. She
offers various strategies which can be used to achieve a sustainable environment. In conclusion, she summarizes her main points. In the end, the speech provides a
solution to thesis statement introduced in the introduction. The audiences can understand various ways of achieving sustainable development in the environment (UNDP 1).

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