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Reflective Journal A 9



The article under analysis is titled The Humiliating Practice of Sex Testing Female Athletes from The New York Times. It centers on a series of facts and opinions offered by the author Padawer. The headline offered has served as a good attention statement, which offers the reader a hint of what to expect before reading the article. In the introduction, the author has offered an example of a humiliating medical procedure that Dutee Chand, a female Indian athlete had to undergo because of the rumors surrounding her gender. As the story develops, the author offers several other examples that seek to strengthen her point of the manner in which other female athletes are treated should any suspicion of their gender begin to develop (Padawer, 2016).

She goes as far as to provide an example of the plight of Dora Ratjein, a female Olympic athlete in 1937. Through this, she wishes to show that the practice has been ongoing for decades, and that there is need to take action against gender discrimination in the sporting world. The events as depicted in the article are sequential and relevant to the main argument being presented. The main points are presented through specific examples of real life experiences of athletes. They are supported by facts gathered from research as well as previous reports indicating the manner in which these events took place. The author also offers a sense of closure for the reader through providing a set of solutions, which athletes are planning to take in order to avoid such practices.

Sales letter to introducing fumigation services to the Asian Community:

Taylor’s fumigating services

Are you tired of pests taking over your home? Taylor’s fumigating services provides fumigation for all types of furniture within the area. This is an especially important service, with the outbreak of pests within the region. With an advanced technology in fumigation and cleaning which leaves furniture fresh, Taylor’s fumigation services will be able to offer a comprehensive level of cleaning which is ensured to clear all pests. Taylor’s fumigation has opened an office nearer to the area, in order to make it more convenient for clients to reach and seek fumigating services.

With increased staff, the response to locations has been significantly reduced in order to make it more convenient for the customer. First 15 customers to call Taylor’s fumigation for services will receive a 40% off from their charge. Charges will vary according to the specific types and quantity of furniture being fumigated. Specific prices can be discussed further through the customer service line, which will be provided. Clients with an increased risk of attracting pests, such as in public lobbies and offices, can subscribe to an annual service plan where regular fumigation will be carried out for a yearly fee. The fee will be significantly subsidized as compared to the regular one time service fee. Call us now on the numbers provided below:

555 – 5489

555 – 6653

555 – 4789

Fumigation services will be available between Monday and Saturday between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm.

Draft Letter to a new client:

Jane Ericon

Ericon’s Fashion and Design

New York, New York, 578546

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

I hope you are faring well. I would like to introduce you to our new collection of men’s suits, which I believe will suit your taste and sense of fashion, drawing from your previous purchase in our shop. The suits come in different shapes including the slim fit and regular fit. There also exists a range of prints for the suits, the most common of which are the plain suits and pin stripped ones. There are also two-piece as well as three-piece suits, all of which are fit for a number of occasions such as office wear, formal wear, and even semi casual wear. In the event that you are interested in making a purchase but do not find a suitable fit, the shop will take your measurements and make arrangements and produce a custom made fit. Prices will range from the type of material, prints, number of pieces, and whether it was custom or regular fitted. The prices will also range seasonally, as there are periods when there will be offers. With the new designs, any suit purchased will be accompanied by a complementary accessory. You will be able to choose between accessories such as hats, wallets, belts, cufflinks, and ties, among a few others. Any purchase made within the first two weeks of introduction (between 1st and 15th of July 2016) will be discounted at 25 %. For more information, please contact us on the following numbers:

555 – 8974

555 – 5896

555 – 7784

The products I would like to offer consist of a variety of agricultural produce including fruits and vegetables. The produce will be grown from a 3-acre farm, where they will be transported to factories and processing plants for canning and other uses, depending on the company, which receives them. Some of the fruits I will produce include apples, lemons, mangoes, strawberries, watermelons, bananas, and pineapples. Vegetables include avocadoes, potatoes, and tomatoes, among others. Some of the identified companies in which these agricultural products can be sold include Del Monte, Minute Maid, and McDonalds.

Del Monte is a US based leading manufacturer for canned fruits and condiments. Del Monte also produces fruit juices and has a large global market share. This means that even in the remote areas, there will be a sufficient level of demand for fruits with which to manufacture their goods. Some of the juices are made from apples, mangoes, pineapples, and mixed berries. Canned foods consist of pineapples, mangoes, and tomatoes, among several others. Minute Maid is another leading brand that produces fresh juices from lemons, apples, mangoes, and oranges, among others. McDonalds is a world-renowned fast food corporation with a large global market share, with high concentrations in America, Europe, and Australia. One of the main foods on their menu is French fries, which requires a large supply of potatoes as raw materials. As such, I believe that my products are directly aligned with the raw material needs of the aforementioned companies.

The speech delivered by Malcolm X in 1964 was titled The Ballot or the Bullet. In the speech, Malcolm X was fighting for social justice for the African American community during the Civil Rights Movement. The main message of the speech was that it was important for the government to include the African American community in the political processes, particularly that of voting, which was not a right given to them at that time. Malcolm X’s used excellent approach and timing to deliver this speech, especially considering it was a time when the Civil Rights Movement was gaining momentum throughout the country (Social Justice Speeches, 2016). The content of the speech is both relevant to the situation but also persuasive and employs a tactful strategy. The speaker has also concluded the speech through providing a clear stand of his opinion and recommendations to all parties addressed. In the speech development, Malcolm X has utilized a logical sequence of arguments, all of which lead to strengthen his initial claim of racial equality in the United States.

The speaker demonstrates knowledge and insight into the plight of the African American community and the struggle to become part of the larger American community. He states, “No, I’m not an American. I’m one of the 22 million black people who are the victims of Americanism” to show his dissatisfaction of the African American experience of racial marginalization. The presentation is both clear and relevant to the central argument, as the speaker is both well versed in extensive vocabulary and articulate. The speaker also demonstrated correctness through stating accurate facts as points of reference towards building his political stand. The conventions of grammar, style (high level of formality) and pronunciations are observed within the speech. The speaker has been able to use the best choices of words throughout the speech.

The technology is the Smartphone

Outline speech is as follows:

  • Introduction – this will include the definition, history, and development of the smart phone

  • Uses – this includes features of the smart phone, such as the applications present, memory capacity, and other capabilities

  • Effect on today’s life – this topic will include the specific uses of the smart phone on a day-to-day basis. It will include the specific ways in which features and applications within the phone has affected personal lives.

  • Conclusion — this will comprise of a summary of the main points discussed within the speech.

A speaker can be able to prepare to speak to a diverse audience by first learning their specific traits as a collective group. Traits will be influenced by crucial factors such as religion, social preferences, cultural preferences, political affiliations, gender, sexual orientations, racial and ethnic backgrounds, among several others. Such factors will influence how the diverse group will listen and internalize information given to them (Herd, 2013; Ricci, 2012). There is need to focus on issues which are much less controversial if the topics can be avoided. This creates less tension within the diverse group, and they are thus allowed to maintain their stand on the specific opinions.

However, if the controversial topics cannot be avoided, it is important for the speaker to approach the issues with an elevated level of tact and sensitivity (Bovee, 2003; Roberts, 2010). In cases where the diverse groups demonstrate differences in opinion and preferences to certain topics, it is important for a speaker to avoid approaching it from a subjective point of view. This means that the speaker should be able to approach the subjects using concrete facts, after which the audience will be able to make interpretations. Through giving opinions that are too strong and opposing to one or more sides, the speaker will appear to be biased, and therefore will not be taken seriously.


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