Reflective Journal Essay Example

3Reflective Journal

Important things learnt

I major aspect learnt from the week is that moral behavior can overpoweringly be of benefit to individuals while the immoral behavior tends to do harm. In respect to these, I also learned that in relation to other standards the moral standards should always take precedence and this includes even in aspects related to self interest. Another aspect that is clearly related to what is learnt is that the moral standards that have been set out by the society acts as the basic guidelines for a social and cooperative existence in the society (Musschenga, 2009). Thus, individuals in business and in all the other spheres of life need to follow the moral principles since they are mostly in their interests.

Situations and experiences in your own personal and professional life which related to some of the concepts covered in each module

A personal experience that relates to some aspects covered in the module relates to morality of individuals (Waller, 2005). There was a time that we were experiencing a family problem at home. My Uncle had stolen an item from out home and a neighbor who had been caught in such cases a number of times was accused of having taken the item. I had the information and evidence that my uncle was the one who had taken the item. I was torn between letting the neighbor the accused for a mistake he did not commit and my family’s loyalty. At last, I decided that the best thing to do was to do what was morally right and in regard to the case I provided the evidence that my uncle had the item and where he had stored it for safe keeping. After these I felt much at ease since I had done the right thing and not hidden the truth to save a family member.

Things learnt that will make me think differently in future

A major aspect learned that will make me think differently in future relates to the various kind of decision that one is supposed to take in their personal and professional line. Based on these I will think differently and always aim at making the right decision irrespective of the parties involved (Waller, 2005).

Things learnt that will make me behave differently in future

A basic aspect that I learnt that will make me behave differently in my future in my personal life is that moral standards should always take precedence of all other standards. For instance, if in future am encountered by a situation I ought to apply the moral standards before all the other standards. In case a neighbor has a problem I should always chip in and help irrespective of the differences between us since it is morally right to help others who are in need. By doing so, I will be applying the moral standards before anything else (Roberto, 2012).

Aspects that was surprising or particularly interesting

Based on the reading there were various aspects that were surprising and interesting at the same time. For example some interesting aspects related to ethical egoism and what it advocates for (Waller, 2005). For instance, ethical egoism supports the idea that actions whose costs will be of benefit to the doer can at times be considered as ethical. This seems to be a contradiction from other statements and more so if the action is not morally right.


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