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Reflective Journal

Answer to B1

The goal of the commentator is mainly to inform the public concerning the importance of voting. Glen Beck’s purpose was clearly to anticipate the influence of bias concerning a particular voting decision and then mitigated the impact of the entire commentary. I would use a similar point of view as my perception would be based on an idea from a previous comprehension and also experience. The view is driven by experiences and factors such as ethnicity, social class and also gender. My entire presentation will also be balanced, and I would also consider seeking a source that supports one clear area of an issue which would include an alternative view and also source (Ayres, and Miller, 1994).

Answer to B3

Comparing and contrasting I focused on two television programs. One of the television shows was based n an African American marketed magazine known as Ebony while the other was based on a magazine referred to as The Rolling Stone. The first one showed Queen Latifah wearing a red shirt and also had applied her makeup with slightly tinted glossy lips. The primary purpose of this depiction is clearly to show the importune of a highly simple and elegant woman. The other on which featured the singer Pink appeared to the young pop culture that is continuously invested in the entire culture. Pink was depicted as highly edgy as the primary focus as just her headshot, and the upper half was shown.

Answer to B4

The use of anachronisms in the informative speech was highly effective as the speaker provided examples such as in the movie Titanic, which highlighted people on lifeboats that utilized flashlights in searching for survivors from the sunken ship. Such flashlights were not invented until two years later. Here the speaker explicitly denied the topic through using examples that are cited cases that represent the larger concept. This application was thoroughly engaging for the audience and therefore, they can become interested in the entire informative speech. The anachronisms used included a broad range of interests that extended from what the members of the audience were interested about (The Past in Pictures).

Answer to B5

  • The attention statement: The purpose of this is to raise the interest and motivate the listener. This is highly applicable especially in the process of marketing as this service is only useful when conducted in a professional manner

  • Introduction: This stage will include the process of communicating a particular point concerning the importance of marketing and also highlight a common ground to the chosen audience

  • Body: The body will focus on handling the important points concerning what products are marketed through the online platform of the organization to the customers.

  • Conclusion: The conclusion will mainly summarize the important points to the entire process of marketing.

  • Residual message: This will involve the operation of communicating a central theme or the main purpose of this entire process. This is to define the objectives clearly to the market.

Answer to B6

The criminal investigation framework has changed as numerous advances in technology have led to proper ways of identification of the offenders and also solving unsolved cases. Here the persuasion method used is motivation this is highly compelling in encouraging the audience to change their behavior or beliefs. Also the mass media, through criminal investigation films have shown how police detectives have several of the facts of the case, however; they search for a particular motive. They establish the motive in the case to provide a missing piece of the entire puzzle. This process allows them to discover hey some people would act in a particular way and therefore, they ask the audience to consider the position and provide sufficient persuasive arguments for them to contemplate.

Answer to B8

The commercial mainly utilizes the principle of reciprocity and also scarcity in the process of persuasion. Reciprocity involves the mutual expectation for the exchange of value or services. The commercial employed this technique as Cialdini, (1993), highlighted that it includes the process whereby the audience or the consumer will receive something from the business that in advertising their product even if it is just a simple act of appreciation. However, if there is a moment where the giver has influence and power over the receiver and the exchanged is not positive, then this moment becomes lost. The changes I could make would ensure that these principles are adaptable and universal to numerous contexts and also environments. Also, acknowledgment, when every principle is in operation, will enable the organization to leverage the inherent social norms and many expectations to their benefit and also improve their sales position.

Answer to B12

The elevator speech will not be entirely formal. Howell (2006) stated that an effective elevator speech must not be a full sales pitch and therefore would not get completely bloated with too much information. It will involve the following process:

1. Potential customer: How are you doing?

2. The representative: Great! I am happy you asked. I am a representative of Sony Company and have just received this new version of a portable music system. It is fascinating. It currently beats rival competition quickly especially for a third of the price since it has just entered the market. It is efficient, faster, and smaller and cost efficient and therefore making it a winner. It has generated significant sales since it was released in the market. Hey, if you might know any person hat might be interested in the product, please inform me. (Hands the business card to the listener)

Answer to B13

The following is an example of an elevator speech:

My name is Augustine Amanda, and my current job occupation is a Career Coach and a Job Expert, which I have done for over a decade. I have been working with Ladders for the sole purpose of educating and also preparing millions of professions for the entire job searching process through the development of effective coaching programs, online advice and also live recruiting events in my column which I release on a weekly basis. My column is referred to as Ask Amanda. The strengths of this are that It clearly shows the qualifications and also the experiences of the individual. However, It does not give a brief scope of the entire roles of the person and therefore rattles off much information in such a short time

Answer to B14

It enhances our comprehension since nonverbal communication involves the space it occupies, the whole body of the person, time and also what is not said. Also, this entire process involves not just a single element since it might get lost among other stimuli. McLean, (2003), stated that nonverbal action must flow in a seamless fashion from one element to the next which might make it challenging in the process of interpretation of on the context or even numerous aspects. Therefore, placing emphasis on these critical components of nonverbal communication assists our scope of understanding since nonverbal communication is always a continuous process

Answer to B15

I mainly spend my time assessing my goals continuously and ensure that I am doing all that I can to achieve these objectives value most the respect I have for my colleagues and also for the work that I do. I comprehend the description and the task of my jobs and ensure that I meet these expectations. Both of these ensure that I communicate consistently with my co-workers. Communication is a fundamental component in any relationship and through this process, gaining the trust and also cooperation with other employees becomes possible. Also, positive communication leads to increased productivity since the supervisors create a platform where the employee can air their grievances in areas that are challenging.

Answer to B16

An example is the Euro Railways Trains in Germany which has maintained its reputation for being observant of time as they depart and arrived by the schedule. In the process of giving a presentation, the presenter must also show respect to the audience by honoring time as expected since it is associated with the speech presentation. Time is valuable and being time sensitive indicates that the individual respects effective time management. Time also plays a large factor in restaurants especially when a customer orders food, and they have an expectation that they will not wait for the order for a long time (Bruneau, 1974).Time, therefore, has an enormous relevance in communication and also the information age.

Answer to B17

The main assumptions concerning nonverbal communications is that when the audience views the presenter, they will initially make judgments and other predictions about the individual ad also their competence. If a person is dressed appropriately, the audience might notice the attention to detail of the individual. The style of dress leads to numerous assumptions since it all depends on the context and the environment. Appearances play a huge role in the entire process of nonverbal communication. Also during the presentation, the presenter will also be judged according to the nonverbal cues used during this process. The effectiveness of this process must be connected to the whole presentation, or it might not be as successful as expected.

Answer to B18

  • The readings of the minutes: This will involve the assessments of what procedures were suggested and as a result, the progress of the implemented methods will be examined in the meeting. This process ensures an analysis of the current state of the company and also will be a viable barometer on the next step the company must take

  • The title of the meeting: This will include the location, time, date and also any other information that is considered critical in acquiring to ensure that all the relevant participants are present in the meeting

  • Participants: The expected participants will be listed since it is important to know the people that will take part in the entire proceedings

  • Subject Line: The purpose statement of the meeting will also is mentioned. This will include the details of the quarterly sales reports and also the outcomes from the latest marketing campaigns.

Answer to B19

The responses to the media must portray high professionalism a way of highlighting a proper image of integrity and credibility of the organization. Image promotion is significant and therefore, showing a level of credibility for the entire organization ensures that the relations with the media are not only enhanced but also maintained.

Answer to B20

Before the occurrence of the crisis, communication is important as this will involve developing protocols that can be utilized in the event the crisis occurs. Also, crisis communications provide necessary instruments to ensure the company can control the crisis and maintain any adverse outcome. The longer the individual takes in the process of responding to the crisis, the greater the chances that the entire establishment will suffer significantly for some level f damage to their credibility, reputation and also overall value. Before the crisis occurs, it is important to evaluate the philosophies of the company, analyze the vulnerabilities and also develop efficient protocols that will assist the establishment to handle the crisis when it occurs (Thill, and Bovee, 2002).

Answer to B21

Any non verbal and verbal communication significantly reveals a particular element about the self of a person. The primary objective of self-disclosure involves the process of revealing accurate information to someone else. An example of self-disclosure is not meaningful, but it is highly valuable in a business setting. Self-disclosure is primary in the process of initiating relationships that move onto personal levels of disclosure. Examples include when a potential job applicant reveals significant personal accomplishments to the manager conducting the job interview, also when the employee highlights important health background information that might assist the firm in assessing the insurance policies that will be applied or workers in the organization.

Answer to B22

Thill, and Bovee, (2002) asserted that employment interviews provide the interviewer and also the interviewee with essential information in the assessment of whether the qualifications of the candidate ad also skills are relevant for the job position. This process enables both parties to exchange information and also asks important questions that enhance the establishment of a significant working relationship. They also assist in discerning whether the values of the candidate are closely linked with the philosophies and values of the enterprise. The interviews are not mainly about the corporation, and they are not only concerned with the candidate. Both parties taking part in the process have a fundamental responsibility in the entire decision-making process that is accomplished by effective interviewing.

Answer to B23

The empathetic feeling is the most efficient management type of conflict. This process involves listening to both implied and also liberal meanings within a particular message. The implied meaning typically might include comprehension of what has led to an employee to feel this certain way (Guffey, 2007). Through the course of being attentive to emotions and feelings connected with information, employees can build relationships and also deal with conflict in a constructive manner. In management, this process is related to conflict negotiation. Conflict is a common part of the communication process can also group communication. Through empathetic listening, conflict can the best way to develop group think strategies.

Answer to B24

Theory Z will be the best management style. This approach draws from both the Japanese and American approaches management. It promotes worker participation and mainly emphasizes job rotation process, loyalty to the establishment and also the enhancement of the abilities of the employees. Theory Z emerges theory X, which asserts that employees are motivated by their needs and also Theory Y, which highlights employees as self-directed and ambitious. Luthans (1989) stated that workers are viewed as individuals that need great reinforcement, and therefore a sense of belonging is emphasized greatly in this management style. Workers in Theory Z are entrusted in doing their jobs with excellence and management is directed to them while looking out for their good being.

Answer to B25

The hardest part of the assignment would be the lacing in a multi-dimensional perception since I would not be entirely aware of the history, new language of the foreign nation until the moment of experience. Also, if the family members are not involved in the entire process, the assignment might be highly overwhelming and might result in failure. The easiest part especially when all the challenges are observed clearly would be adapting to the new environment, being open to new learning experiences and cultures, being skilled in finding common ground in the communication process (Yeatman, and Berdan, 2012). Since frustrations are likely to emerge, learning important customs would be beneficial in getting the assigned tasks completed. Also forming relationships and also seeking help when necessary will be substantial.


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