Reflective essay management skills Example

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Numerous violent occurrences have been witnessed in different parts of the world as people continue to demand for more democratic space in decision making processes. This has been the case in several countries such as Egypt, Yemen, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.

Critical explanation or analysis

The above occurrences are a great lesson to organizational managers because a country can be likened to an organization whereby the president can be likened to an organizational manager. I have realized that failure to exercise effective managerial and leadership skills in the organization may lead to numerous conflicts which may threaten the proper functioning of the organization.


It is evident that management is an art of exercising effective skills that bring together all the views of the people or stakeholders during decision making processes. I have learnt from the above occurrences that applying managerial styles such as democratic style of management is vital because people need to be involved in decision making processes in the organization. The above occurrences have impacted my professional practice in the future in that I have realized that as a manager I need to have a worldly mindset which means understanding the world beyond my own. This would necessitate involvement of other people in decision making processes. In this regard, I will need to change in the way I manage relationships with other people so that I can learn to accommodate the views of other people. In this regard, I will need to manage my attitude towards other people in order to set up a conducive environment for others to work with minimal problems.


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