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As students we were given specific words such as aerophone, membranophone, idiophone, chordophone and electrophone to guide their reflection. While the results were somewhat lower than the previous entry, they were still much better than I had expected. Seventy-one percent of the students earned a passing grade and 80%of the students completed their reflective journal entry. I was very excited to see at this point in the marking period that 80% of the students were still completing their journal entries. Only five students did not complete this reflective journal entry. Below are two example entries. The first example did an adequate job of covering the material.

I learned about aerophones and membranophone and idiophone. Aerophones is air and membranophone is a sound that striking a membrane across a resonating air chamber. Idiophones are instruments you scrape or shake. Chordophones have string and make sound by a string. Electrophones is a instrument that generate sound fro electricity.” The second example not only included key words but also demonstrated that the student had cleared up a misconception. “I learned that idiophones are thing that you hit. A drum is not an idiophone. I learned that a drum is a membranophone. I learned that a bass guitar is a electrophone. I always thought a bass guitar was in the strings or chordophone section.”

Everyone in the world seemed to have an opinion of Amy Winehouse’s death; she was a polarizing character in the world of music today. Given her lack of musical output, evened out by immense vocal talent, it was more frustrating than anything else to see her pass away. But when we saw Amy Winehouse, and we heard what she was singing and talking about and what she represented; she was truly the genuine article and made no bones about her flaws. She sang about refusing going to rehab (I needn’t bore you with the now iconic lyrics), or cheating the people that she loved. That is why her death evokes such confusing feelings from the eyes of fans, you could see it coming from a mile away, but like a car crash in slow motion you can only watch and are powerless to stop it. To see this talent wither away and (not to make assumptions of my own) have no one stop her from destroying herself. Addiction is an awfully powerful mistress, and we saw it make an example of Winehouse. To see her stumbling her way through concerts, not even looking coherent of where she was is the most heartbreaking. She didn’t look to be, or even sound like the same person that she was before. The things that made her so great to begin with had just become sad as she faded into a shadow of her former self.

The idea of the Hollywood train wreck has become so polished and “fake” with the shows that haunt reality television. Long gone are the days of the rock star lifestyle that led to the demise of many a celebrity and Winehouse was probably the last example of that kind of fatality. Her death came out of left field and nobody felt right about it because she didn’t have cameras following her around documenting her unraveling, and maybe that’s the saddest part. The third lecture taught about critical reading. In the part of defining critical reading, I found myself always read books passively and recklessly. When I have to read textbooks, this will happen easily. Some contents of those textbooks are quite long and boring. Just as now I am studying Microeconomics, I should read the whole chapter to get more information and concepts about this subject. But I don’t think it is easy to read. The sentences are long and hard to understand. And those examples are cases in America. As I know very little about politics and economics, let alone American politics and economics, when I read this textbook, I often cannot get concise concept and write summary.

The content of the third lecture is quite hard for me to apply in my daily life. Apart from the above mentioned problem, I also have a question of what I learnt from the third session. At that tutor session, we focused on evaluating the author’s tone and works, the choice of evidence, the validity of the evidence. I think these points can be tried only when I read a commentary or article.