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Reflective paper

Inequality in health care

One of the issues that I gained most insight during the discussion is health and health care. This is by looking at the issue in a political economy perspective in Canada. I have always been appalled by the level of inequality in the access to the health care. Inequalities in health care, access are a major issue in many countries Canada included. As I look at the situation in Canada among other nations, minority access to better health care has been an obstacle. The link between health, economic, social life and politics is the main focus of the political economy. While it is vital to have national systems on health care and insurance in place, it is important to ensure that there are adequate resources. I also understand the need to gain proper insight of the society in which we are living in. The society determines what we need, desire and shapes everything that is within it. This makes it important to consider the society before coming up with health care systems. For example, the minority such as Aborigines in Canada may be affected by their society norms when accessing health care system that has been designed without considering them. I have been able to see how social, economic status plays an important part in determining the society health. Thus, social, economic status should be considered when assessing health care.

In a capitalist system, predominant powers have a greater control. Tension exists between capitalism and democracy. It is vital to ensure that the power of capitalists does not make profits at the expense of others who will suffer health effects. Health inequalities have led to developed countries having a long life expectancy than the third world countries. The neoliberalism based health reforms that have been advocated by the developed countries have enhanced inequality in health care instead of reducing it. In Canada, factors such as income inequalities have continued making access to health care more unequal. Contrary to the view that developed countries have equal access to health care, the topic has enabled me to see the inequalities that exist. I have been able to understand the cause of the existing inequality and also how to address it in health care. Despite the fact that Canada has better health access equality than U.S, it is vital to address the challenge.

Health care access inequalities are a major problem that I would suggest Canadian public healthcare system to address. The Canadian health system must ensure that social cutbacks that can lead to detrimental health effects are addressed. I see the need for the Canadian health care system to be addressed to ensure that level of satisfaction is improved. The system must take care of the aborigines, and other minorities are addressed. I see this as a great way in which Canada will ensure that all citizens irrespective of their social, economic status can access the health care. I would also recommend that political, economic and neo-liberalism are addressed in Canada to ensure that they do not have a negative effect on health care. This will help in improving the well-being of Canadians.