Reflection on Industry Analysis Essay Example

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Using the Borton’s reflective framework, I reflect on the feedback that I got from the staff on my first assignment (Jasper, 2006).

The feedback from the staff states that I illustrate an understanding of the media industry. Further, it asserts that I know my career direction and notes that such a realization is essential in understanding the overall course of study. In the feedback, the lecturer observes that I made critical observations concerning the role played by the media in a multicultural society like the Australia’s. However, the feedback recommends that I should have looked at more resources related to journalism, particularly the Code of Conduct and editorial guidelines among other critical sources. It also noted that I should acknowledge my sources, especially having in-text citations for the assignment had very few instances of in-text citations. Further, the feedback is categorical that I need to substantiate my assertions that I am a high notch communication student.

From the feedback it implies that I should do more in the future to prove that I am passionate about journalism. In addition, it means that I require relevant resources to accomplish my tasks and be clear in my writing. However, my ability to attain my goals is the most fundamental aspect that arises out of the feedback that I received. Therefore, I need to develop necessary skills and acquire relevant knowledge in my education to attain the goals identified in my assignment.

My five-year plan is focused on ensuring that I polish my language and communication skills and complete my studies in communication. The plan entails completing my Diploma by January 27, 2018 and enrolling for a Bachelor’s degree by November 2019. I would then seek to improve my language and communication skills by 10 February 2020 and getting a job by 10 August 2020.


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