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Reflections Log

How many personality traits are there?

There are five main personality traits:

  1. Extraversion

  2. Agreeableness

  3. Conscientiousness

  4. Neuroticism

  5. Openness to experience

Section 1: What is the Myers-Briggs personality profile? 

The Myers-Briggs personality profile is a personality profile arrived at through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, commonly known as MBTI. This is a personality profile assessment conducted through a psychometric questionnaire and it measures the psychological preferences that influence how people make decisions and how they perceive the world (Geyer, n.d).

2. What are some Negative Aspects of Personality?

a) Dishonesty. This is the trait of being deceitful and untrustworthy.

b) Lack of integrity. This is the quality of lacking honesty and strong moral principles.

c) Inability to cope with stress. It is the inability to minimize the effects of stress on one’s relationship with others.

d) Inability to cope with anger. This is the inability to disapprove of anger and its generated behavior (Personality Test — Eliminate the Negative, n.d).

Section 2: Why do HR offices perform these assessments for new employees?
There are three main reasons:

  1. The tests enhance the effectiveness of the selection process by making it possible to incorporate personality assessment of the prospective employees in the recruitment process.

  2. The fit between job requirements, prospective employees, the existing team, the management and the entire organization largely determines the productivity and success of the new recruit and the entire organization.

  3. Managers are able to achieve higher levels of motivation and job satisfaction among the prospective recruits if they get a better understanding of the personal traits, work behavior, motivation factors and the hobbies of the candidates (Dranitsaris, n.d).

Section 3: What is a psychometric assessment?

A Psychometric assessment is a standardized procedure used to measure intelligence, memory, aptitude, personality or sensitivity. The tests provide employers with a reliable way of determining the most suitable applicants (Introduction to Psychometric Selection Tests, n.d)

What is aptitude assessment? 

An aptitude assessment is an assessment of one’s ability to do a particular job or acquire a given skill. There are different types of assessment tests and these include: general aptitude, numerical aptitude, verbal aptitude, non-verbal aptitude, mechanical aptitude, among others.

Section 4: What are the major personality traits of a personality profile?

  1. Extraversion. It includes characteristics like sociability, excitability, high level of emotional expressiveness, assertiveness and talkativeness.

  2. Agreeableness. This includes characteristics such as altruism, trust, affection and kindness.

  3. Conscientiousness. Its main attributes include attention to details, high levels of thoughtfulness, goal-directed behaviors and good impulse control.

  4. Neuroticism. Its main characteristics are emotional instability, moodiness, sadness, irritability and anxiety.

  5. Openness to experience. This trait has attributes such as insight and imagination as well as a broad range of interests (Cherry, n.d).

Section 5: What is your own personality profile?

Section 6: What does your personality profile say about you in relation to jobs?

ESTJs have a wide range of career choices they can choose from. They are good at a variety of things since they focus on doing tasks in the right way. They are happiest in leadership positions in jobs that require creation of order and structures. Some career paths for ESTJs include military leaders, business administrators, financial officers, sales representatives, judges and teachers (Careers for ESTJ Personality Types, n.d).


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