Reflections 2 Essay Example


Section 1

  1. The two key topics for this course of study that I anticipate are estate planning, which acts as an introductory course, and management operation which offers a structure of buildings. The estate planning estate planning course gives every student an idea about the necessary steps that an expert can use in order to be able to communicate with people who desire to be assisted with their estate planning needs. The second topic, which is management operation, is basically a topic which teaches all students about management skills and other organizational procedures. Management operation further gives me, as a student, the power to know how organizations work and what protocols are involved in analyzing research data in order to deliver the best experience for the customers. These two topics are important because of the fact that they are the foundational topics in the course without which the topic cannot be understood.

  2. The materials covered in this course will help me in my career by providing the foundation with which every other knowledge will be based. For instance, the course readings will offer me with adequate knowledge about legal issues, communication issues, negotiation issues as well as managerial skills. In addition, it will be necessary for me to have fundamental knowledge on which I will base my future career as an estate and succession planning experts. For an expert in estate planning, it is very necessary for me to know the in depth whereabouts of estate and succession planning.

  3. The material covered in this family are bound to help me by giving me direct sources for secondary information needed in my career as well as act as my most important reference point. Most of the time, it is imperative that a student get access to materials other than lecture notes and general information. I believe that during this course, I will gather PDFs, journal articles and other online references that will be part and parcel of my studies. Moreover I will use these secondary information sources to read more and better my chances of scoring than I would have.

  4. Some of the academic skills I am hoping to improve academically are research methods and understanding family relationships in regard to estate planning. These skills will be necessary for me in my career as an estate planner which requires a lot of skills and knowledge. In addition, there is need for me to engage in learning communication skills so that there can be easy communication between me and my clients who would want to be heard and understood to the latter.

  5. In order to ensure that my academic skill improve, I will dedicate myself to the course as well as balance my time well to ensure that I do not mess up with my studies by indulging in other activities during my scheduled class time. In addition, I will make full use of the learning materials that the website has made available for me so that I get as much literature on estate planning as possible. Finally, I will need to engage in communication with other students and the course lecturer during the period of study so that I remain within or ahead of my studies. in conclusion, I hope that I will achieve only the best during this course so that I can be able to achieve my dream of being an estate and succession planner.

Section 2

  1. After the course, I can reflect and say that the most important topics that were covered in this course for me were estate planning and management operations. This is because, as I anticipated, the planning course offered me an opportunity to learn the fundamental things about planning and management. First of all, I learnt about fundamentals of planning so that I could know how to analyses, plan and execute important needs of an estate planner such as regulatory frameworks in estate management and planning.

  2. According to me, the materials covered in this course are fundamental because, not only do they give me the unlimited access to information that is necessary for my future careers as a planner, but they also continue to broaden my perspective on estate planning. In addition, the materials will act as a point of reference for me in my day to day career as a planner since, as a human being, it is impossible to retain all the information I learned in my brain. Therefore, I will frequently need to refer to academic sources and the literature gathered during this course will prove to be very resourceful.

  3. The material in this course will help me in my course of study in several ways, such as by giving me the opportunity to refer back to the basics of estate and succession planning as I continue to advance my knowledge. In addition, as my studies continue, i will be able to reflect on some of the major components of the course that will feature in future classes within this course as they are bound to happen.

  4. The skills that I identified in part one, which include communication skills and research abilities, have greatly improved. This is because I got better at researching relevant information from the internet and other academic sources like books and journals. I am now able to use the website effectively in order to gather information regarding several contents required for the course, including management information, literature on planning as well as other necessary academic notes. In addition, I can now effectively communicate with my potential clients who intend to get to know how they can plan their estate, among other things.

  5. Finally, a number of skills that I feel have not improved include my ability to manage operations as I assist people who have lost their loved ones and need to succeed them. Another skill that I think I still need to work on very keenly is my poor ability to reference from legal citations such as government legislations and pervious cases. The reason why I think these two skills are still giving me a hard time is because they are comparatively more complex than communication and research skills. However, I believe that. With time, I will grasp all the necessary skills, including mastery of legal documents and important cases. I know this will help me to build a rationale every time I want to held a client pursue a succession case. In addition, management of operations is a very important tool in the career of an estate and succession planner because without it, planners may lose track of time or lose important information, such as personal details of clients.