Reflection week 6 Essay Example

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Reflection Week 6

Reflection Week 6


This reflection will focus on research terminologies in business research design. Research involves conducting investigations to discover the unknown and this involves various steps. These steps include: ontology, epistemology and methodology. Ontology refers to the theoretical study of reality and the fundamental classifications of being and their relationships (Watzlawik & Born, 2007). On the other hand, epistemology investigates the nature of knowledge and the judiciousness of belief. Methodology involves the process of conducting the research and includes research designs and methods (Martin, 2017).

When learning about research terminologies using the article, I brainstormed various research projects and as a result I ended up having so many ideas about research. There are two major research methodologies used in conducting research and they include quantitative and qualitative research methods (Gramenz, 2017). While quantitative research is concerned with the numerical aspects of a research study, qualitative research method focuses on finding the answers to questions that start with why or how. I discovered that qualitative research is basically an exploratory research and is utilized when the aim is to gain understanding of underlying reasons and perspectives because it provides insights into the problem (Watzlawik & Born, 2007). Quantitative research is utilized in quantification of the problem by generating numerical data that is converted into useable statistics. Methods of data collection and analysis for the two research methodologies are also different (Watzlawik & Born, 2007).

reflection week 6

Generally, this reflection has equipped me with knowledge required to carry any research project. In future when conducting a research the knowledge acquired from this reflection will come in handy. This is because I have gained knowledge on different research methodologies as well as various terminologies used in research.

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