Reflection on skills completed in class practise ECG

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Reflection on skills completed in class practise ECG


The reflection is based on a role-play ahead of Week 1 lecture on electrocardiogram (ECG) practice. Our group role-played a nurse and client with cardiac abnormalities.

We aimed to evaluate possible heart-related problems like shortness of breath of a student (acting as a patient). I did not know how to put the lead head properly. Something also minimised cardiac signal. After discussion, we determined that the patient had not removed his jacket. A coin was in the chest pocket. His rapid body movement also interfered. I had also positioned the electrode on the chest inconsistently. Incidentally, inconsistent electrode positioning leads to incorrect result interpretations (Aiswarya & Nath, 2015). Random body movements also interfere with results (Sehamby and Singh, 2016).


In future, I will position the electrodes correctly by marking the location of the electrodes with indelible ink. I will also ensure skin preparation by ensuring that the patients remove objects and remain still during evaluation.


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