Reflection of report Essay Example

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Through the research paper and the methodologies I used to acquire various results I came to learn and acknowledge of what researchers endure when they want to get information to support their various theories and research projects. In addition to the data we collected I came to appreciate and value ethics when it came to interviews of the participants and the importance of anonymity when it came to being given information since the participants wanted their personal details not to be reflected in the information they gave us pertaining to question they were asked. Ethical principles had to be followed when it came asking the questions or the participants answering the questions since if you wanted truthful answers from the participants you needed to be ethical in not asking too personal questions and also not giving information about them that it would lead back to them.

I came to learn that people respond differently when faced with both methodologies either qualitative or quantitative since some preferred structured questions which are questionnaires while others preferred interviews where they could speak their mind. But when both methods are used the data we got was rich and had depth that I could analyze and come up with conclusive data.

Despite both methodologies had roles to play when it came to articulating the posed question since when it came to qualitative analysis which involved using interviews or more of a personal approach when it came to interviews especially focus groups made me understand and appreciate the power of togetherness especially how the participants became more alive in answering questions in the focus groups and expounding the answers more compared to the one on one interviews they had with the interviewee. I came to learn that the sense of togetherness brings the comfort and a feeling of safeness when it came to answering questions since the participants got to bond more on their experiences with the research project. The data we collected using the methodology was more detailed hence giving us more to go on when it came to retrieval of data from the answers given by the participants.

Analysis the data collected from both methods gave the research more depth in terms of answers to analyze. I came to understand the value of each research method in that with the questions you have either asked and posed to the participant will have an effect on the answer the participant will give. In that if you pose a general question you will get a general answer especially when it came to asking closed questions. The how you pose a question determined the answer you will get hence the importance of a structured question so as to get more descriptive answers to use.

By understanding the cycle when it came to data collection from participants I came to learn that getting data physically from the horse’s mouth gave the research project more backbone and realness of the project itself in that it made the issue being discussed come to life by giving it proof to lean on hence substantiate the question or the notion being posed to the public.

Analysis using both methods gave us the descriptive results that we could use concerning the research paper. I learned that the methods used getting the data has relevance in enheartening the truth about the project being researched on since with no proof about the project itself it may be deemed as fallacy usually every notion needs a backbone to support.

I came to understand and value the research processes used in data collection since it takes a lot of work for someone who doesn’t know you to give an opinion about anything the participant needs to trust that you will use his/her answers for the project alone and it will not be traced back to him/her. The reliability to the processes is a lot since they for the body and structure of the project hence it is a must variable when it comes to the project itself and needs to be done critically and dealt with in a very resourceful manner.

Both methodologies need time and work exerted to them to bring out the results they want either to compare and contrast the notion they have but they need to consider how to do it are the methods to be used to make the methodologies work may it be qualitative or quantitative. From what kind of people do they question posed will we get more answers it may be gender related or work related but by understanding the project itself and outlining the objectives needed to be achieved you will get to know everything that is needed pertaining to the project itself. I came to appreciate the work done by researcher what they have come to prove or bring to light about a certain issue since the steps taken to get the data is a lot and much needs to be covered may it be relevant or irrelevant.