Reflection journal Essay Example

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Reflection Journal

In the course of this week, we examined key aspects of management and leadership. Our main focus during this week was on the underlying principles of management, ethical management, communication and the five mindsets of a manager. I found that the lessons learnt in these areas provided great insights to me with regards to how to become an effective manager in future. For instance, during this week, I was able to learn that effective management entails one’s capacity to establish a work environment whereby people are uniquely motivated to realize the organizational objectives and they are recognized for their achievements. I was also able to understand the importance of communication and ethical management as practices of management. One of the most vital lessons that I appreciated and highly reflected upon revolved around the five mindsets of a manager. I consider these concepts to be of great significance in promoting efficiency in all areas of management. For instance, I learnt that it in order for one to become an effective manager, they should have a reflective mind set, since it enables managers to make sense of the past in order to manage the future.

The lessons learnt during this week are definitely applicable and relevant to my future professional practice. These lessons have changed my perspective on what management entails and have provided great insights on effective management practices. For instance, the lessons of ethical management will help me in future to learn how to manage diversity and avoid prejudices in the workplace. In addition, lessons on the five mindsets of a manager provided invaluable insights that will in future help me to become a good decision maker, team player and an action oriented manager and leader. I believe that what we learn in the course of this week has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to become an effective manager.