Reflection — it Essay Example


Our presentation was about the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is seen as one of the next big things in the IT industry that would revolutionize how things are done. Internet of things has both positive and negative effects. The Social Internet of Things is a way of integrating the social aspects into the Internet of Things. SIot objectives is to separate people and things into different levels while allowing things to have their social life. The SIoT offers convenience and saves money and resources to the consumer but also it has impacted the social, health and private life of human beings in a negative way.

The presentation from the other group was educative on the issues of big data. Through their presentation I learned that there is a law in Australia which allows internet service providers to keep the metadata of their customers for two years whereas the U.S is barred by law to access the Facebook accounts of Europeans. The amount of data is increasing exponentially and a lot of people have access to a lot of information. Although big data has positives, people should be worried about the negative concerns of big data. The design, execution and usage of big data determine whether it is ethical or not. Legally, the Australian law does not guarantee the security of big data. The cultural issues with big data include trust, where people fear that the use of big data can breach their privacy, or data may be misused. Big data has increased the gap between developed and the developing countries. The social concerns of big data include the issue of privacy, availing the data to the public and misuse of the data. All these concerns can be addressed in one way or the other.

The whole presentations were educative and helped me to learn and expound on most of the issues concerning the IT industry.