Reflection and rationale Essay Example

Reflection and Rationale


The focus of this paper is about discipline based project   where students were required to work in groups.  Our project was about aboriginal art exhibition and each group member was given specific roles to play. My role was being a photographer and this role involved taking photos of aboriginal art and providing them to my group members for creation of logos, flyers design and poster. Therefore, I will reflect my experience while working as a team member in this group and provide a rationale.

Our group consisted of 8 group members and each team member was delegated a certain role in the team project. I believe that delegation of roles instilled values of accountability and responsibility to each group member. This is because each member was held accountable for their tasks and roles and hence this instilled some sense of accountability.

My role as a photographer was so much interesting and I delivered my tasks timely. In my opinion, the reason for my efficiency as a photographer is because this role suited my personality profile. This is because I have always had interests in photographing. Normally, close matches between activities and personality traits produces positive results. However, I feel that if I had been assigned a role I am weak, it would have helped me to build my skills and confidence in my weak areas.

In regard to management of the tasks, some of the group members were less organized. For instance, there is a group member who did not complete his tasks on time and this caused some conflict in the group. Solving this conflict took some time. I believe that if we had a group member with the role of “key negotiator” the conflict would have been resolved easily.

Effective communication played effective role in our team. Normally, effective communication in a team dynamic is important and as a result during our group work we engaged in an open dialogue. To comment about my communication style during the group project, I think I always communicated clearly and reasonably. I took time to listen to the views of other group members, asked for clarification and I was always open to change and ideas. In my opinion, our group communicated efficiently and we mostly attained our objectives via effective dialogue, clear understanding and being a cohesive team.

Working in group work is important in a university environment because it helps in developing and fostering valuable skills such as team work, communication skills and conflict solving skills. These skills are very important because they will be valuable in my professional work in future.

Having experienced some issues during our group work and after critically reflecting on it, I believe that our group should have been more practical on activities timings and solving our differences amicably in order to reduce time spent in solving conflicts. This understanding is very important to me and in future I will ensure adequate planning and sufficient time during team work projects. In conclusion reflecting on my group work and the role I played, it is evident working in group helped me improve my communication skills, conflict resolution abilities and also improve future performance. I believe by working in a group I gain many practical skills as aforementioned and also gained new set of knowledge and understanding on aboriginal art.