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Summaries provide an idea of the information provided in different sources. The article China Trade Tensions a Risk, Says Deutsche’s Michael ­Ormaechea by Michael Bennet provides extensive information on the changing global market and how China tries to catch up (Bennet, 2016). As I read the article, I learnt that the global changes under evaluation in the market would cause damage if not considered while implementing trade policies. It gives people an opportunity to understand how the political scene shapes the market events as it controls most variables such as production, manufacture, stock markets, fuel inflation and financial aspects. The struggle between the effects of inflation and rising prices will always be an issue in most countries that seek to develop proper business scales.

The article How Lebanon’s policy keeps Syrians out of school provides insight on the plight of Syrian children who are refugees (Mail Online Wires, 2016). Evidently, education being one of the requirements for children, the Syrian government has failed to ensure it is availed. Understanding that children experience issues while struggling to meet the school needs was among the controversial issues I faced. The government is able to provide a remedy for such children as they are the next generation.

The article App-Titude: Indians Live by Their Phones identifies the role of mobile technology in maneuvering various elements of the society in most countries (Banerjee & Chandna, 2016). As I read the article, I realized that mobile applications have made everything easier through access and manipulation. People are able to ask for transport through applications, food is delivered through online communication and much more. The business world also incorporates the use of the internet. It is possible to make online payments that lessen the time used in retrieving money from ATM machines.


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