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Reflection 1 Question What roles do I usually play in a team(s)? Essay Example

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Reflection on the Role I Usually Play in a Team

Event description

When the representative of my team summoned one of the members to seek clarification on low performance, nobody thought anything extraordinary would happen. However, we were soon jolted by the shouts from the representative’s place where the supposed meeting was taking place. As the team leader, I had to rush in whereby I was confronted with a shouting match between the two. After restoring order with assistance from colleagues, the student was suspended for insubordination.

Feelings, Thoughts and Evaluation

Looking back at the event, I feel I could have done more. What seemed like an ordinary meeting was never as I had assumed. When the student was suspended, I felt it was the right decision. However, now I feel as a team leader I ought to have been present at the meeting. I believe I would have given a neutral voice during the meeting. This event was an eye opener; I realized that effective leadership calls for being a manager-cum-leader. That is ensuring that team members remain to tasks while fostering effective social relations within the team. Apparently, the student had been battling a criminal case involving his girlfriend which was distracting.

Conclusion and action plan

Indeed, effective leadership calls for ensuring that the students achieve the set goals while ensuring that other external factors affecting productivity are tackled. I would therefore be more hands on with team members and ensure that am present at every meeting. I also plan to undergo additional training on effective leadership.