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This report analyzes a disaster planning program which will help Carmans to deal with different unlikely but high impact scenarios like terrorist attack, extreme weather conditions, volcano eruptions and similar other unlikely events. This will help to develop required strategies after examining the impact it can create so that better ways to deal with the entire crisis can be developed.


Carmans faces strong risk from different unlikely events like a terrorist attack or floods or drought like weather condition or volcano eruptions and so on which will have an impact on the demand and supply. The impact of the crisis will be so strong that it will have an impact on the performance of Carmans as the entire supply chain will be disrupted. Weather conditions or volcanic eruptions or a terrorist attack will create a shortage in supply as it would disrupt the entire process and will shift the focus on areas which other of prime importance (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2012). Availability of raw materials will also be hampered and at situation the entire production process might crumble and might not provide the actual result which will thereby have an impact on the overall performance of Carmans.


Carmans needs to develop a back up plan to deal with such contingencies which will look at innovative planning techniques to ensure that the overall effectiveness in dealing with the crisis is increased (Piluso & Singer, 2010). This will look at ensuring that they have sufficient resources to be able to carry out production. This should be matched by the fact that the suppliers or sellers should have sufficient stock or inventories so that in period of crisis the buffer stock is used. Working on the policy of having an alternative source of input and output will help to ensure a regular supply and will reduce the impact of the crisis to a large extent.

Carmans further has to aim at be creative through whom they will be able to absorb the different shocks (Piluso & Singer, 2010) which unexpected events provides and will help to develop the required dimensions through which the overall effectiveness in operations will be ascertained. This will bring a complete turnaround and help to develop the required process which will focus on reducing the impact of crisis.


The report thereby examines the manner in which Carmans has to develop strategies to deal with unexpected events and the manner in which the supply chain has to be developed so that better services can be rendered and overall effectiveness can be gained.


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