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48260 — Engineering Project Management

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Table of Contents

2Deliverable 1: Scope

2Objectives, goals, needs


3Out-of-scope work


4Project Milestones

5External dependencies

5Limits, exclusions and disclaimers

7Deliverable 2: Estimation

7Realistic Time Estimates

7Realistic Cost Estimates

7Appropriateness of References

7Detail/ Breakdown of estimations

Deliverable 3: Risk management 8

Risk register 8

1Project risk analysis


Deliverable 1: Scope

.climate or weather recording stationThe project is set within $55 million which is specifically dedicated to building the

Objectives, goals, needs

new climate/weather recording station in a remote location with the ability to record and transmit continuous geological, weather and seismological data to a central monitoring site via satellite. The proposed new station will collect data for Wind speeds, Air pressure, Precipitation, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Seismological Activity, Land movement and Ground water table.The purpose of this project proposal is to design and implement a

project proposal gives a direction on the how resources available will be utilized efficiently to the attainment of goals. The objectives will be attained by focusing on the top five reasons for projects’ constraints concerning cost, time, and quality. Some other specific objectives include the following:We endeavour to provide the delivery, installation, testing, verify operation and provide maintenance documentation for all components required by the station. Therefore, this

  • Supply and install a hut for housing and storing all electronic equipment, office for all technicians and other equipment fit for use by station.

  • Supply to site and install all equipment and support facilities required to provide measurement capability.

  • Fencing, landscaping, security of site.

  • Ensure facility is operational and secure for handover.

project delays due financial obstacles, unqualified contractors, government or construction agencies approvals, bad management, change of program and design, quality requirements, and miscalculations in initial time. This will be done in time and professionally to avoid failures.- the clients needs include the construction of functional weather station with access roads. The needs of clients are always affected byClient Needs


The following are the assumption we are making before beginning the construction of the weather station and related facilities;

  1. The maximum time to take in completing the project is 2 years.

  2. The normal working hours for the duration of the project is working eight hours per day for a week.

  3. The client has organized adequate funding to avoid delays during the project time

  4. There are enough human resources in the market and therefore there will be no need for overtimes for workers during the times of the project.

Out-of-scope work

We will not get involved in tarmacking the road or maintain computers. The licenses for satellite usage will be the mandate of the client.


After the completion of the project we will have delivered a working Climate Observation Station with:

  • Acquisition of land for the project

  • Budget plans

  • Assessment reports by engineers

  • Human resource personnel

  • An equipment hut

  • An array of mounted sensors

  • Support infrastructure like solar power, security, communications, water tank

.Sebastaian, 2007)In a given project, in a typical setting, the overseeing of each phase of construction and the resolution of any discrepancies in the original blueprint design and its actual implementation are taken care of by the construction management personnel. They are also responsible and accountable for the project cost and must be able to control the cost of the labor and the material. They may work in collaboration with a single or more than one project managers, superintendents of the site, architects, which can be in an office and/or in a hardhat environment. One important factor to consider in project management is that each phase of a project must be delivered within a given budget and period (

The excluded work from what is mentioned will be the convincing the neighborhood to accept selling their land to the university. The other works that have not been mentioned is the work of the architecture and the engineers.

Project Milestones

  1. Acquisition of land for project by June 1, 2016

  2. Design and approval of plans by August 1, 2016

  3. Establishment of project site and access roads by November 1, 2016

  4. by June 30, 2017Custom built in-situ (hut), Tower, Fence, Drainage and water system, Construction of

  5. September 1, 2017Power, alternatives source of power , Air-con and tower wiring by Installation of

  6. Measuring Equipment Install, Measuring instruments, Solar panels, Ladder, Office desk, chair filing cabinet, lighting, Racking, Power reticulation and data cables by December 1, 2017.Installing fit outs such

  7. Commissioning and Acceptance Testing of equipment by January 1, 2018

  8. February 1, 2018Making Operational Manual By

  9. Hand over by December 1, 2018

External dependencies

, and how their dependency helps in the update of the company’s implication, therefore, the construction of the tower is crucial. However, in order for the update to be carried out, we require the acquisition of land and site preparation. Sebastaian, 2007)(The above information collecting techniques helped in the drafting of a proposal on what tasks should be carried out and how these tasks are dependent on each other. The tasks should be able to state how they are dependent on each other

Limits, exclusions and disclaimers

Perhaps the primary problem in this project is the time limit. With only two years to construct such an important facility, the agencies involved should communicate with each other hence assuring each other that they are doing their part of the deal. Specifically pointing out the time and the constraints it provides, the management is now faced with the challenge of using that little time to the fullest and turning limited resources to the best value that they could have for the event to be managed.


breakdown structure is as follows; work This is the step where a graphical representation of the projects hierarchy is made. Such illustrations help the project management team to look at the project from different angles and identify potential loopholes that will derail the completion of the functional weather station. Here, the actual management and controlling of the project takes place to ensure that work is carried out under the decided scope. It aims to avoid, as much as possible, the possibility of adding to the scope. Work breakdown structure is used by the projects team to control costs, coordinate with the project parties, control the quality of work, track and monitor the project schedule as well as control the time to completion. Reporting project status, studying and approving contracts, reviewing and certifying payments, monitoring staff performance, planning the project progress, solving discrepancies, controlling the project progress, and providing an awareness of the expected constraints will be the job of the management team. The proposed construction of weather station .The project requires a work breakdown structure that consists of the activities of the project to be carried out which is decomposed into smaller units and assigned a probable completion time (Sebastaian, 2007)

DURATIONS (months)

Construction Project Climate Or Weather Recording Station


1. Acquisition of land for project

2. stakeholders meeting

3. Project design

4. Project approval

5. Site clearing


1. Scope determination

Budgeting 2.

3. project site and access roads construction

4. Material acquisition

5. Recruitment of contactors and human resources


Foundation preparation and build1.

Custom built in-situ hut2.

Building Tower3.


Drainage and water system5.

installation of power, Air-con6.

Dust ingress prevention and Air circulation7.

Installation of instruments8.

9. Data cables installation

Testing and commissioning1.

2. Risk management


4. training

Close out



Closing and handover3.

Deliverable 2: Estimation

Realistic Time Estimates

This is the expected completion time of each activity. It is clearly shown in the table

Realistic Cost Estimates

This is the expected cost of each activity. It is clearly shown in the table

Appropriateness of References

This is the source of the cost shown in the table

Detail/ Breakdown of estimations

The following shows costs breakdown for each activity

Task list

Realistic Time Estimates

(months )

The resources

Realistic Cost Estimates


Appropriateness of References

Site acquisition

Land value

(Clement, 2015).

Design and approval of plans

5 employees

armac NZ, 2016.)T(

project site and access roads


armac NZ, 2016.)T(

Foundation preparation and build


Clement, D. 2015.

Custom built in situ-hut


Clement, D. 2015.

Building Tower

Contractor and expert

Clement, D. 2015.


Clement, D. 2015.

Drainage and water system


armac NZ, 2016.)T(

Dust ingress prevention and Air circulation


Clement, D. 2015.

Installation of Power and solar connection

Electrical engineers

armac NZ, 2016.)(T

Installation of equipment in the hut

Various engineers

Clement, D. 2015.

Installation of instruments

IT experts and engineers

(Clement, 2015).

data cables installation

IT experts

(Clement, 2015).

Testing and commissioning

Management and engineers

(Clement, 2015).


Management and engineers

(Clement, 2015).



(Clement, 2015).

(Clement, 2015).



(Clement, 2015).

Close and handover

Management and client

(Rawlinsons media limited, 2012)

Risk Deliverable 3: Risk management

Risk register


Risk description


Risk reduction

Risk owner

Changes in quantity or scope of work

Agree on the scope of work before work starts

Design changes

Carry out an adequate analysis to derive the most current requirements

Delay in design

Include time buffers to ensure flexible timetable

Subcontractor or Vendor delays or default

-Requisition arrangement for materials

-For default make liability insurance and surety bonds with suppliers

Weather conditions

Make all weather roads to allow easier communication to site

Financial problems

Budget for contingency activities to mitigate the project

Inadequate quality of work and re-work delay

High competent staff and carry out regular inspection

Sub-soil Stability conditions

Analyze soil stability before project starts

The above register helps in identifying, classifying and analyzing the risk associated with of installation of a new climate observation station in Mitagong project as well as well as management issues of the risk. It has to be kept in mind that once the risks are identified they are no longer risks. They become management issues that do not rely on intuitive approaches for management.

Risk treatment

. Sebastaian, 2007) The most important aspect of installation of a new climate observation station in Mitagong is to keep track of mentioned risk try to mitigate. Construction projects do well in keeping track of risks through risk registers, which contain risk statements with details such as owner of risk, expected likelihood of its occurrence, extent to which the risk effects project outcomes relative to costs, scheduling and performance(In order to treat the identified risk various risk control strategies are employed. This case we have identified risk and highlighted risk treatment strategies in the risk register as risk reduction.

Risk management incorporated as activities in project

. Necessary resources should be given out to help staff mitigate risks any time that the constrain is identified. Project implementers we will have contingency plan for (Gido and Clements, 2010)The project manager has to ensure that risk reporting and sources of risk flow in the right ways upwards in the management framework. A risk structure that is not defined efficiently will create more risks, which is why there is need to adopt a proactive approach towards identifying and analyzing risks in construction. During meeting e should accept both creative and negative brain storming on ways of reducing this will help staff feel involved in decision making and help reduce the reduce

  • Delay in design and project completion

  • Subcontractor or Vendor delays or default

  • Inadequate quality of work and re-work delay

Building Tower and Custom built in situ-hut without affecting cost but projection completion time is reduced. . There should be project activities analysis to determine dates which can be delayed without affecting cost and overall time for project completion. In the project (Maylor, 2010)In order to cope with any unexpected eventuality, again the project manager should analyze possible problem areas and possibilities of construction failure should be checked and addressed at the earliest in order to avoid huge losses in terms of finance and credibility


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