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Report 16

Recruitment and Selection Report

Recruitment and Selection Report


Located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales is The Friendly Chemist TFC, a community pharmacy that has continuously provided high quality services to Warrimoo people for almost 20 years. The core business functions of TFC have been dispensing drugs and in addition to a small range of beauty and health products. Currently, TFC has seven employees. There are 2 pharmacists, 4 casual assistants and a delivery person. In the recent Blue Mountains bushfires, Warimmoo Chemist, which is one of the biggest TFC rivals, was burnt down. As such, there has been an increase of customer base at TFC in addition to a sharp increase in sales. In the wake of this new scenario, TFC’s proprietor John, has noted that the current human resources are overworked; a factor that poses a risk to the business’s customer service delivery. On this point, it is worth highlighting that customer service delivery is an important determinant of customer satisfaction and TFC’s ability to remain competitive in the market (Christopher, Payne & Ballantyne, 2013). From John’s analysis, it was identified that the pharmacy dispensary is the main place that is congested. For this reason, TFC aims at hiring a full time dispensary technician who has the capacity to undertake various functions under the pharmacist’s supervision.

Job Description

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Criteria to use for Selection


    • Experience working at a dispensary

    • A Community Pharmacy certification (III)

    • Highly attentive to detail and accuracy

    • Previous experience working with Fred Software

    • Capacity to work according to guidelines provided by Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP)

    • Knowledge of pharmaceutical products

Desirable but not mandatory

    • Webster packing technology

    • Experience in front shop operations and capacity to help out in retail operations when required

Recruitment Strategy

It is TFC’s objective to continue to provide high quality services to its loyal customers. Its customer service is characterized with minimal waiting time and an old fashioned friendly service that is core to TFC’s business. In the wake of unexpected increase in business, TFC aims at hiring a dispensary technician in the shortest time possible in a move aimed at ensuring that the business maintains its high customer service value. TFC will make use of two recruitment procedures to as to be able to reach out to potential employees. In a bid to reduce instances of a surplus of unqualified job seekers in the candidate pool, TFC will use an online pharmacy employment portal Pharmaceeka to draw out potential candidates from the large labour pool. A free online agency, Pharmaceeka, has been successful in enabling employers get highly qualified employees within a short duration of time. In the second recruitment procedure, TFC will post a job advertisement on free employment websites. This will provide the business with a chance to reach out to a large potential candidates over the internet that has unrivalled recruitment ability (Kumudha & SaranyaPriyadarshini 2015).

John, the pharmacy owner and chief pharmacist will be responsible of doing most of the recruitment exercise. In his capacity as the owner and the pharmacist in charge, he will have the maximum interaction with the dispensary technician. In a bid to ensure that organizational impression management is maintained to highest possible standards, John will produce recruitment content that included a realistic job preview that highlights key specifications of the job role. This approach will make the recruitment and selection exercise to be more efficient as job applicants who fail to meet the required specifications will deselect themselves before submitting their applications for review. As such, John will use minimal energy to shortlist applicants and also increase his chances of finding the most suitable candidate. John hopes that he will be able to get a suitable candidate within a month’s time. If he does not make to do this, he will repost the job ad in another free pharmaceutical recruitment website Raven’s Recruitment that will provide him with another chance to get candidates with the specific criteria that he is looking for. Raven’s Recruitment is a free pharmaceutical recruitment agency, although much smaller than Pharmaseeka

The total costs will be $16.35. This will be the cost incurred in getting the following package:

Psychometric tests Data checking package (package contains 15 tests) = $16.35

Recruitment Advertisement (Draft)

The Friendly Chemist, TFC, is a community pharmacy that has been in business for the last 20 years, serving Warimoo people with pharmaceuticals, health and beauty products. The entity’s philosophy is to continuously provide personalized and high quality customer service.

Owing to growing client base, we aim at hiring a dispensary technician with the capacity to control stock, process prescriptions and administer the dispensary. Suitable candidates are expected to satisfy the following requirements:

    • Experience working at a dispensary

    • A Community Pharmacy certification (III)

    • Highly attentive to detail and accuracy

    • Previous experience working with Fred Software

    • Capacity to work according to guidelines provided by Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP)

    • Knowledge of pharmaceutical products

    • Webster packing technology

    • Experience in front shop operations and capacity to help out in retail operations when required is desired but not mandatory.

If you are a passionate about working in a pharmacy and want to be part of TFC, apply today and join our highly supportive team.

Decision making Matrix

See appendices 2

Decision Making Strategy and Criteria

The Friendly Chemist is making a rather simple decision since it involved finding a suitable candidate for just one position from a large number of applicants. Additionally, the low information processing demand is expected to hasten the decision making process. John, the recruiter, will use judgmental and mechanical modes to collect predictor data and information from the candidates. A multiple hurdle approach will be used to eliminate candidates stage wise until the last stage (Zaccaro & DiRosa, 2012). A top to bottom ranking will be used to rank potential employees according to interview and test results. In the final decision, a top down approach will be used to select the final candidate who will in turn be offered a job at the pharmacy. In the event that the selected candidate rejects the job offer, John will contact the second best candidate and so on.

Through the use of a decision making matrix, the first interview will be rated out of a 40 points. Upon successful and good performance in this test, a candidate will be asked to complete an online psychometric test (data checking) that seeks to identify how much the candidate pays attention to detail (Ployhart & Weekley, 2014). When the applicant scores at least 80%, he or she will be invited for a face to face interview with John where he/she will be assessed for his/her suitability for the job. In the event that no candidate meets the recruitment and selection criteria, John will be forced to post the job advertisement again on different recruitment websites until it he is able to find the suitable candidate (Breaugh, 2013).

Psychometric Assessment

A psychometric test that tests errors will be conducted. The aim of this test is to detect errors , a factor that is of utmost importance to dispensary technicians who have to follow a specific guideline provided by physicians. As pointed out in the cost section, the data checking package will be purchased at a cost of $16.35. Applicants will access the questions on After completing a set of 32 questions in the expected time limit of 6 minutes, the applicants are expected to send a screen shot of their result page to John via email.

Interviewing Plan

Interviews will be conducted once John is satisfied with the details on a candidate’s curriculum vitae. If an applicant completes the first interview successfully in addition to the psychometric test, he or she will be invited for a second interview where John and the other pharmacists will interview the applicant to assess his / her suitability for the job. In a structures first interview, the candidates will be asked questions about their employment background and behavior. In the second interview, which will be informal, the candidates will be expected to explain their skills and employment experiences to the other pharmacists. The following questions will be essential in sorting out the strong candidates from the weak ones:

  1. Which are the dispensary skills that you have?

  2. When have you ever experienced a challenging technical problem at the workplace and how did counter this challenge?

  3. Which criteria do you use to maintain precision while preparing medications?

Recruitment and Selection Report

  1. How do you react to working under pressure while in the dispensary?

Recruitment and Selection Report 1

Checking the References

John will call the references indicated on the candidate’s resumes after the second interview. The calls will be geared up towards addressing the skills and responsibilities of the applicants. This will enable John to counter any misleading information as it may have been put forward by the applicant.


Breaugh, J. A. (2013). Establishing Recruitment Objectives and Developing a Recruitment Strategy for Attaining Them. The Oxford Handbook of Recruitment, 36

Christopher, M., Payne, A., & Ballantyne, D. (2013). Relationship Marketing. Taylor & Francis.

Kumudha, A., & SaranyaPriyadarshini, C. (2015). A study on factors influencing perceptions of management students towards E-Recruitment. IJAR,1(8), 606-610.

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Zaccaro, S. J., & DiRosa, G. A. (2012). The processes of team staffing: A review of relevant studies. Int’l Rev. Industrial and Organizational Psychology,27, 197-229.


Appendices 1

Position Description of the Dispensary technician

Role Objective

The selected candidate will work under the pharmacist and will assist in preparation and dispensing of medication. He/ she will also be responsible of general administration of the business.

The main duties of the dispensary technician include but not limited to the following:

  • Receipt of prescriptions from customers and following direction as outlined by physician

  • To measure, count and mix medication

  • Add cautions and dispensing labels

  • Maintain and update records on computer database

  • Replenish stock and maintain inventory within acceptable levels at the dispensary

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Good understanding of the Quality Care Pharmacy Program

  • Community pharmacy certification (III)

  • Updated over the counter medication product knowledge and S2/S3 product knowledge

  • Ability to use a wide variety of laboratory equipment

  • Ability to deal with customer needs sensitively

  • Attentive to detail and highly accurate

  • Experienced in Fred Software

Work Relationships

Dispensary technician will work under the supervision of the pharmacist. He/ she will also be assisted by the pharmacy technicians.

Appendices 2 Decision making matrix


Assessment Method


Experience in a dispensary environment

  1. Curriculum vitae

  2. Questions

  3. Checking References

  1. Curriculum vitae is supposed to indicate employment background and also identify whether the applicant has the required skills.

  2. Name the pharmacies that you worked at?

Explain patient prescription is filled

Describe the critical responsibilities of a dispensary technician

  1. Cross analysis of ability and skills with references

Community pharmacy Certificate III

  1. Evidence of certificate as issued by relevant body

  1. Applicant requested to bring the certificate

Highly accurate and attentive to detail

  1. Psychometric tests

  2. Interview questions

  1. 80% score in error checking test

  2. Describe what you do to remain precise while dispensing and counting medication

Fred System skills

Data entry

  1. Applicant asked to use the system to enter details

QCPP Procedures knowledge

  1. Interview

  2. Reference check

  1. Ability, skills and knowledge based questions.

  2. Referee asked to give a feedback as to the applicants competency with QCPP

Knowledge of pharmacy products

  1. Work sample / drill- role playing test and verbal interview

  1. Applicant put in a real world situation and provide appropriate prescription to a certain case

Webster packing

  1. Interview

  2. Reference check

  1. Explain Webster paks that you packed in the past.

  2. Referee asked which Webster paks the applicant had experience in

Front office experience


1. Describe the items you had to sell

Appendices 3: Reference checking plan

Applicants name:

Name of Referee:

Referee’s Role:

1. What was – role in your organization? (Tick where appropriate with regard to vacant role)

Recruitment and Selection Report 2Identical

imilar Recruitment and Selection Report 3S

ifferentRecruitment and Selection Report 4D

2. Explain the nature / scope and duties of the job ()Tick where appropriate with reference to current vacant postion

Recruitment and Selection Report 5Identical

imilar Recruitment and Selection Report 6S

ifferentRecruitment and Selection Report 7D

  1. What were her/his weaknesses?

  1. What errors did ……………… ever make in his/her role in the dispensary? How did he/she handle it?

Please tick against his/ her problem solving skills

Recruitment and Selection Report 8Competent

verageRecruitment and Selection Report 9A

ncompetentRecruitment and Selection Report 10I

  1. Describe the ground that made …………….. leave your organization

  1. If a chance came up, would you employ ………… again? Why and Why not?

  1. Any additional information that you wish to share?