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How to deal with future Acquisitions of the collection?

Acquisition of collections involves the acquisitions of materials that represent a cultural and historical record, records of creative Australian and various technical achievements in the field of audiovisual. While dealing with acquisition of collections, the acquisition guidelines and policies should be followed. For instance, it would be necessary to conduct appraisals for the collections to assess their ability to provide a long term information and historical value ( 2016). Also, the records with significant historical content will be appraised for acquisition. The acquired collection must be a complete work that is at its final, best quality commercially published forms.

How to preserved and stored both paper and electronic records be?

i. Careful handling of paper files

Careful handling is the fundamental strategy for long lasting paper file preservation. For instance, ensuring that the hands are clean and free from any source of dirt, carefully turning papers and the use of stainless pins and clips to fasten the files will ensure that the paper files remain clean and readable. It is also important to re-align folios that protrude from the files. Moreover, protective packaging would ensure the paper files are free from insects and active deterioration.

ii. Keeping electronic records in original containers and careful handling

Electronic records have a short life span (Roper & Miller, 2016). Electronic tapes and diskettes should be stored within their original containers. The containers must be clean and fire retardant. When handing the magnetic materials, one should wear clean, lint-free cotton gloves to keep the oil and grease from the finger to get into contact with the tapes (Piggot, 2012). Long term storage and preservation of the electronic records, backup copies ensure that the data is protected.

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