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Education remains a challenge in many nations and the U.S is no exception as the quality of education in the modern public schools is performing dismally as compared to other nations. However, Mrs. Shawanna’s talk sheds light on some of the differences between studying in different environments. Despite commendable efforts by teachers towards providing the best quality education, the education system continues to provide few in any incentives towards improving such services. Among the differences in schools is the level of security, social amenities and even staff to cater for the proper education that is owed to young minds.

Another highlight of the talk is the commitment of teachers towards their jobs and the lives of their students. The role played by teachers who encourage their students to better themselves and to pursue only the best for their lives is invaluable. Parents, according to Mrs. Shawanna also play a vital role in the educational growth of their children and their encouragement is essential to their performance. The discipline, high special education turnover, overcrowded classrooms and security problems experienced in many of the public schools does not in any way encourage improved performance. Schools in better-funded districts, especially in the city, perform better yet education should be provided equally and freely as it is a fundamental human right. The learning environment affects the day-to-day operations of an educational institution which explains why many of the underfunded schools continue to perform poorly even with the insistence on the value of education while schools in the suburbs continue to soar. Education is tools that once given, can open doors beyond imagination and according to a Tibetan proverb; a child who lacks education is like a bird that lacks wings. It is my opinion that Mrs. Shawanna’s talk is critical to every student, parent, and teacher and her enthusiasm and insight towards the power of education are unmatched.