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Office Supplies

Background of Business

Office supplies are equipment and consumables, it normally utilised in offices by organisations, businesses and even schools. Basically, the office supplies vary, but they often include expendable small items, machines, consumable products, computers and also office furniture. According to the business owner, the products are always in demand thanks to the increasing number of businesses and schools around the town. Some of the products that are always in constant demand include pens, pencils, notebooks and papers.

Key audience

Key objectives


tools and tactics




Reasoning for



Review of


Businesses and schools around the town

To successfully attract customers and notify people about what they offer.

To build awareness about the Office Supplies products.

To interact with customers and so as to generate buzz and vitality.

To distribute 1000 pens by December 1st.

Social media sites are good avenues to market products.

Social media has been successful because it has helped reduce the divide between the buyer and the business owner, which consequently bring about a business image that is more appealing. Well written content and promotional materials posted online keep followers and other funs excited and interested. This gives the brand a competitive advantage over other related product in the market.


Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

articipate in the social media. Social media strategy should not only go for likes and re-tweets butt advance to leads and web referrals. All staff must be encouraged to p

Implement: June year this is a continuous activity throughout the year Management: Current information and pictures to be updated/changed monthly!

$250 for pens, stickers, labels and print outs.

Significant number of customers utilizing social media as the main source in their purchasing decisions. The business utilizes branded social media pages so as to increase awareness and recognition, and promote their products daily, by posting relevant content. Besides that, giveaways are considered important because it attracts people.

To communicate the business culture we shall use Instagram through photo sharing. This will be achieved by sharing 3 photos a week where each of the photos is expected to achieve ten likes and ten comments each.

Testing is very important if the social media pages are to be effectively updated. Review will be assessed by testing.

The links need to be tracked, analyzed and note the page visits. This will give a clear picture on the success and failure of the strategy adopted. Success can also be gauged by surveys. The social media followers can be asked how the business is faring on, this is a direct approach that is very effective. The areas of improvement will be evident and clear.


Office Supplies
Promotional plan should be aligned to the broader marketing strategy so that all the social media efforts are channeled towards the overall business objective. The approach should be measurable specific, attainable, relevant and time bound.

There is need to assess the current social media use in order to come up with an effective promotional plan for the Office Supplies business through the social media. there is need to check people connected to you through the social media sites, the target market and how they are connected in the social media as well as the competitors connection to such a target market.

Each social media account associated with the Office Supplies business needs regular audit to establish who runs and controls the account, the purpose they serve. The accounts hat needs updating or deleted altogether checking on fraudulent accounts to avoid diversion of people searching for the business online. There is need to monitor what the consumer shares in the social media in order to capture their needs and preferences. Look at what they write and try to mimic the style, learn their habits, in order to improve the social media promotional plan.

social media is good for promotion however, caution need to be take to avoid too much invasion in to consumers’ lives. Some ads can attract consumer’s attention for instance animations of products. This can be distractive especially when a consumer is trying to concentrate on a different content in especially text. Data collection about consumers can be done in order to personalize ads to the consumer, this is a good thing in the social media however some consumers may feel their personal data has been invaded and misused.

Businesses can advance and allow consumers purchase their products through their e-commerce, with an average of 1000 followers having 200 friends each, the page has a potential to influence 20,000 customers. There is need for all departments to interconnect, work cohesively as one team. There is need for improved relationship among working teams. Communication should be centralized to ensure the message going to the consumer is unified and feedback encouraged in order building lasting trust. Organizations with strong relationship among working teams retains clients more.

There is need for a comprehensive plan to ensure there is consistency, clarity and effective communication to the customer. All communication media outlet should create synergy in order to deliver a message with great impact. Here every media improves the effectiveness of the other hence realizing overall effective campaign.


Establishing a stable social media promotional strategy is a slow process; followers cannot grow to a million overnight. The owner needs to promise to invest time, energy and other resources; there is also need for commitmenent, consistency and hard work.

Promotion of products is geared towards creating customers awareness on the brand, building brand loyalty and increasing sales. The use of social media sites for promotion is modern way of promotion that ensure marketers interact with customers by releasing real-time information targeting a broader techno-savvy population which currently stands at around 2.7 million globally.


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