Recent Innovation, Developments and Awards

Recent innovations

Digitizers for wide band applications designed to test automated applications. This equipment is designed with modules that offer more than one synchronized channels connected with analog to digital converters whose signal sampling is real time. Apps for engineers that are mobile for programming and work floors application that help engineers do their work better (“plant innovations” 2016) from any point within the facility. These apps reduce movements that allow engineers concentrate on work and save time.

Human Machine Interface (HMI). This panel uses less energy and produces less heat. This software is used in communication protocols. It supports many communication protocols. . This is designed to handle multiple locks that can be found within a facility and it uses sensors. It helps reduce time for searching keys to open locked areas of the plant.Keyless lock systems for managing multiple locks

Given the bulkiness of machinery and equipment used in plants, have been innovated. Some applications require more energy and others manpower is not enough. It requires use of pulleys and hydraulics to operate them. There have been innovations in warehouse systems that increase efficiency. They are designed to act as operational brains that facilitate workflow management through warehouse control, management. Also reduce time of making, sorting and taking action on requisitions. Engineers need not to visit the warehouse to make collect materials. It can be done from their work stations. hydraulic hose for demanding applications

Other areas of innovation are energy efficient doorways to ensure smooth movement of personnel. Energy powered doors open easily and allow other activities to be carried out. Discovery of an application for engineers to store data on available products in their line of specialization, catalogues and documentation. Also, handheld diagnostic meters with automatic sensor recognition have been innovated. Additionally, high volume dust collection systems that filter airborne dust generated during operations have been discovered. We should also recognize that discovery of wireless Ethernet modems that is designed for industrial applications and integrate with wireless networks to connect remote sensors is critical. The innovation of mechanical gloves that feature rubber protection and padded palms for impact protection ensure safety of engineers. Last but not least is the innovation of stainless steel connectors that are corrosion resistant designed for use in wash downs and high moisture environments

Engineering leaders under the age of 40 is one of the most recent developments in plant engineering designed to promote upcoming engineers. Plant engineering product of the year is also an important award to encourage product development. We should not forget top plant in plant engineering. This is aimed at awarding a plant that meets industrial standards and exceeds expectations.


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