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Holmes writes an article that covers ten years to June 2009 and major data are from NSW Police Force person of interest (POI) data showing the rate at which female offending has increased by 18 per cent. The brief looked into five questions and exhaustively covered the topic under investigation. The most common offences committed include shoplifting, drug use, domestic, malicious damage of property, prostitution, fraud, offensive behaviour, stealing from persons and non-domestic violence assault among others. The increase with regard to offences tabulated reflected a 15 per cent increase in female offenders while that of their male counterparts remained stable.

From tabulated data, it is evident that it does not answer the question of whether the number of female offenders committing specific offences changed significantly over the last ten years. As a result, chi-squared tests were performed and depicted that offences committed by females were of a violent nature thus, were against the procedural justice more often than it was a decade ago. In regards to juvenile female offenders, out of the 27 offences examined, their increase attributed to 7. When it comes to age differences, the number of offenders in the juvenile female bracket increased significantly, especially between 13 and 7 years. However, for those between 11 and 12 years, their numbers remained constant and for the 10 year old offenders, statistical tests could not be carried out because their numbers were few.

Offences against justice procedure, drug dealing and domestic and non-domestic violent assault are known to be high among male offenders, but in this case female offenders showed a significant increase in numbers. As usual, all research has its limitations and Holmes faced a few, but the questions were all answered, and the conclusion is that, female offenders and juvenile female offenders have increased significantly over a period of ten years.


Holmes, J. (2010). Female offending: has there been an increase? Crime and Justice Statistics

Issue paper No. 46, New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and research.