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Workshops cover innovation because there are a lot of tests that create excellent solutions and results .There are a variety of new games, pampers and talented persons. There are some people in class who are slow thinkers trying hard to connect ideas. Discussions that come up with new activities that are challenging should be established for the slow thinkers.

Conformist effects on creativity, they come up with good ideas as they work within given constraints during problem solving as unity is enhanced. They preserve their norms for productivity to increase. Members are reliable, systematic and attentive to the idea implementation they make fewer mistakes and end up developing ideas, reliable processes and products.

In this case creativity is associated with innovation but has a negative impact on quality of performance. Interdependence increases taking risks and sharing ideas .conformist are required during idea implementation they help protect important ideas of an organization. On the other hand conformists are not catalyst to radical concepts. In that they initiate rising improvements other than radical changes.

Self regulation of creativity at work involves the use of feedback seeking to enhance creative performance. It involves ones ability to guide their set goal and monitor progress, direct activities and performance. Feedback seeking behavior is important creative process because it is used by managers to promote and maintain creative employees. It is partially as a result of social process that people support creativity in the environment. Feedback is important in enhancing creative performance. Employees should be active in seeking feedback. It helps individuals achieve outcomes beyond adaptation.


Creativity is generated through workshops, conformist effects and through self regulation in order to achieve the organization set objective. The set goals can only be attained through creativeness. New ideas can facilitate growth to a required level.


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