RDC5 + fixed or flexible design

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Name: Date: RDC5 Methodology

Topic: Methodology

Research Focus: The research is aimed at understanding the impact that social media has in crises management

Description of Methodology

The methodology intended is a fixed design since the researcher has already established that social media certainly has an impact on crises management thus proving that the research is theory driven

The key features or characteristics involved in a fixed design include;

  1. A dependence to group properties which establish a cause and effect where the researcher can deduce from(Robson & McCartan, 2016) and

  2. The presence of patterns relating to groups and processes involved in social structures.

Exemplars in Existing Research

In their article, Unpacking the Impacts of Social Media Upon Crisis Communication and City Evacuation, Branicki and Agyei (2015) draw a pattern over the impacts of social media on crisis communication. The beginning of the article presents a concept which later matures to a relationship between social media and crisis communication explained using secondary data and different statistics gathered and coded into tables.

Appropriateness to Proposed Research

The methodology chosen for this research is favourable as the research relies on the potential of the design to provide evidence that can be measured from previous studies and analysis, which help to establish cause and effect and finally provide insight from and into a wide array of data bout social media and crises management ((Robson & McCartan, 2016)). Given previous data, it is certainly possible to establish patterns from previous studies and come up with deductive conclusions on the impact of social media on crises management.

Through the examination of the relationship between the range of variables; achieved from coding the data and the use of statistical inferences, the researcher will be able to meet the aim of the study by analyzing the relationships in the tables and the summary of statistics.

Reference List

Branicki, L.J. and Agyei, D.A., 2015. unpacking the impacts of social media upon crisis communication and city evacuation. In City Evacuations: An Interdisciplinary Approach (pp. 21-37). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Robson, C. and McCartan, K., 2016. Real world research. John Wiley & Sons.

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