R&B Music Industry


Rhythm and blues, over and over truncated to R&B, is a type of well-liked African-American composition that came into view in the late 1940s. Essentially, the term R&B was initially utilised by recording organisations to illustrate soundtracks marketed mainly to African-Americans situated in urban areas, particularly when jazz based music that had deep, adamant hit was turning out to be more fashionable (Dimanche, 2013).

Brief Overview

According to Dimanche (2013), the idiom R&B has afterwards had numerous transformations in denotation; for instance, the term ‘rhythm and blues’ was often used by blues records in the early 1950s. However, in the mid-50s, after this music genre led to the advancement of rock and roll, whereby the term R&B was utilised to denote the music genres that originated from and integrated gospel, electric blues, and soul music (Eden, 2013). The term «rhythm and blues» was coined by Jerry Wexler in 1948; thus replacing the idiom «race music», which at first sourced from the black-Americans, but was considered unpleasant after the Second World War. According to MSN Encarta,
R&B includes a range of music genres including doo-wop, disco, Motown, soul, hip-hop, funk, rap, jump blues, and club blues. R&B attributes consist of expressive performance over a well-built backbeat, rhythm cohesions, bands alienated into a horn and rhythm part, rhythms reverberation, notes and verses, as well as regularly multifaceted combination of tools (allmusic.com, 2013).


Conclusively, R&B genre has affected other music styles like rock ‘n’ roll as well as fashion, dancing, verbal communication and mind-sets. R&B music has widely been adopted by both the black community and enormous segments of the white populace, in particular the teenagers. Arguably, R&B music has assisted in supporting comprehension and harmony between various civilizations.


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