Racial Harassment and HRM in Australia Case Studies Essay Example

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Racial Harassment and HRM in Australia Case Studies

Racial Harassment Case Study

The following are five identified tutorial questions with responses in line with racial harassment issues.

  1. Racial harassment is covered by which federal law(s)?

The federal law that normally offers protection to individuals from prejudices that are based on race is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  1. Determine the differences existing between indirect discrimination and direct discrimination?

Direct discrimination takes place when an individual treated less satisfactorily than another person under the same conditions, while indirect discrimination entails practices appearing to be inoffensive on the face value but result causes disadvantages to a person.

  1. Is the company legally held responsible if I am harassed by my employer?

The company is legally liable even if one decided not to complain about the case of harassment, or a number of measures had been put in place for the purpose of discouraging workplace harassment.

  1. In racial harassment what remedies are available?

Remedies for victims of racial harassment includes: hiring; front pay; back pay; reinstatement; promotion; compensatory damages (that are issued for suffering and emotional pain); and punitive damages (issued for the purpose of punishing the employer).

  1. Who implements the law?

The agency of the federal government that is entirely accountable for the purpose looking into allegations of job unfairness, especially related to race prejudices in workplaces of more than 15 employees is implemented by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Case Summary

Racial harassment is considered to be a form of behavior that cannot be entertained, and they normally take place because of being different in race, and this could be in the form of verbal or even physical behavior of a racial environment. In workplace, racial harassment which is adequately pervasive and enhances an offensive, intimidating, or even hostile working environment it can be taken to be against the law.

HRM in Australia Case Study

The following are five identified tutorial questions in line with Human Resource Management practices.

  1. Determine the five different sources of legal obligations within the employment law provisions?

  2. What are the five fundamental conditions or terms that are in an employment contract?

  3. Discuss on the two familiar law duties of employers?

  4. Determine three statutes that are found to have impact on the working relationships of employees and employers?

  5. Discuss on what should be avoided by the Human Resource Managers in relation to interviews and also on application forms?